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Family 2013
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Snuffles & Snores..thoughts?

So many of you have asked exactly WHAT baby girls rattle /snore breathing issue sounds like. SO, I wanted to just

show you, let you hear it for yourself. I made this short video to share with my buddy Kendra, so take a peek & if you have any insight feel free to share . This is the same sound she has had since we met in april, sometimes worse ,sometimes less. Frustrating.

WARNING~ The video is a bit shakey lol.


Rhonda said...

No insight but I completely get now the "snore" part of it. Hoping you get some answers from the pulmonologist.

Beck, Helen and Will's Mom said...

First of all, your little girl is beautiful! Congratulations! You have such a precious family! We met our 9 month old baby boy, Will~7 weeks ago today and when Almaz handed him to me, I could feel the rattle in his chest and I could hear it when he was breathing. It is still present today and sounds very much like your baby girl's "rattle"! My first thought was that it was going to be a cold/congestion type of thing, but he has never had any other of those type of symptoms! Since he has been home, he has had a couple of ear infections and when his ears have not been infected he has continued to have fluid issues. So, our pediatrician treated him for reflux even though he never spit up. I really had not seen a change with the reflux meds, so this last check-up after I told her a little bit more about his continued rattle as well as some breathing issues that I've noticed at night when he is totally relaxed and asleep, she has referred us to an ENT for what she thinks might be "Stridor". She said that this usually presents itself in younger infants, but with early mal-nutrition it could still be a problem. She described it to me as a "floppy larynx". We have an appointment next week with the ENT! I'll let you know what we find out....but your little girl sounds SO MUCH like Will does! His comes and goes...sometimes worse and sometimes not so bad. Are you taking her to a specialist of some type?

JonesEthiopia said...

My niece used to do the same thing, and it turned out to be the "floppy larynx" the poster ahead of mine mentioned. She had trouble nursing (SIL had to give it up and go to bottles) b/c it would flop when she tried to drink. She's almost four now and still has some problems with it but no where near what it used to be like. My niece was tiny when she was born (just barely 5 pounds), and it can happen in small babies, too. I would take her to a specialist.

Paul and Angela said...

Oh my gosh Jordan did that EXACT sound for 2 months after he came home. We tried lots of different breathing medications and he eventually ended up in the hospital with pnemonia. The last med, which worked wonders, was called Pulmacort. We stopped it about a month ago and he is doing great!!! I think sometimes their little lungs have been through so many untreated illnesses they just need to be restored. I'd be more than happy to tell you all our story if you think it might help.

Lisadiana said...

Sounds like congestion? Would be interested in finding out. I can see how this would be a little unnerving.

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