Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

FREE offer, milestones

Came across these last night-
My Baby Week 26.....
Infants at this age continue to bloom in their ability to interact with the world. At this point, your little one is probably responding to her name, reaching for objects she desires, sitting up, crawling or scooting around the room, and “talking” up a storm with one and two-syllable sounds.
~ :(

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to rise above it~

Going to be honest here. Its late. I am tired. I am crampy. I am pissed. I really had found peace about our court date or lack there of ...
Then...I went on our agencies listserve. So many happy posts from the families that are planning to leave NEXT WEEKEND to pick up their babies/children FOREVER. Dang it WHY arent we going? WHY? When I let myself feel sucks. BIG TIME. I ache when I think of my baby turning another month old. I want to hold her sooooooo bad. I want to dress her in all the tiny outfits I have bought. And making things worse I have NO IDEA when our court date will be. I am sad.
~I know GOD has a plan and his timing is perfect. I do. I just cant figure out WHAT the plan is yet.... :(
End rant.

A new addition to the family

Introducing my new nephew :) My sister added another pup to her family.

His name is Drake is he is WAAAAYYYY cute :)
~Kids are all on antibiotics again. Hopefully that will clear up the cooties and everyone will finally feel better :)
~Christy said no word on a new court date yet....
~Did you know you could be eating ground up bugs when you eat foods with coloring? EEEWW! Read it here~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You get knocked down...

And you get up again. Never gonna keep me down! ( get points if you know the song :)

Well I have come out of my chocolate chip cookie coma. I really had the wind knocked out of me on Friday. Stupid I know. I know better. I have been thru adoption before. I KNOW you can not count on anything in International to get my hopes up we would pass the first time was not smart. But I did. I cant help it, I want my baby girl home. I could have been holding her in alittle more then 2 weeks. That hurts :( Good news is some wonderful moms who ARE traveling (Sunday :) have offered to hug baby girl for me.
~THANK YOU to everyone who left sweet comments and emailed me. It truly helps to know you have people who understand and are pulling for you :)

I talked to my sweet caseworker last night. No news. I worried that maybe our birthmom was ill or moved, but as of today I dont know why she didnt make it. But the good news is, Christy (cw) said that they will secure transportation for her to the next court date. Whenever that is. I dont know yet....Prayers for an early court date would be SO wonderful.

~I had a friend say to me "I know you want your baby home so you will know she is being cared for "

Actually that is not something I worry about EVER. Truly. I trust Hannah's Hope Orphanage completely. I have heard so many times how much the special mothers care for and love the children. They all come home so healthy (maybe with colds and ear infections but that is normal) that I dont worry about her care. I just wish I was the one caring for her :)

~Off to take the kiddos to the dr again. They still have the wet cough, and Boo has a yucky nose. Fun.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The word is in

I was shopping with the kids for Baby Girl when my caseworker called. I answered the phone after saying a quick pray for great news.

We didnt pass. Our birthmom didnt show up. WHY wouldnt someone arrange transportation for her? I am so sad and frustrated. The other families from our agency passed. I am very happy for them. They will be picking up their children March 7. Not us. No idea when we will have another court date. I walked away from my cart trying not to cry infront of the kiddos.


Still waiting ......

Boos tired of waiting for baby sista :)

I was weak yesterday. I broke down and called my agency. I knew that if they had any news they would call, but I just wanted to be SURE ;) Christy was very sweet and confirmed that No she hadnt heard anything yet. Well , crap.

Waiting is making me nervous. I am thinking of all the things that could go wrong...If we dont pass , we could wait until end of April or later for a new court date. That could be another 3-4 months of baby girls life we miss out on :(

Omen? While I was typing this Lilly (doggie) jumped on the couch and puked. Tell me this isnt a sign???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waiting is hard

Waiting. That is what you do when you adopt. Wait. At every stage there is hurry up and WAIT. Do papers. Wait. Get on referral list. Wait. Get court date. Wait. Have court. Wait. Wait . Wait wait!!! It sure teaches you things are NOT in your control. I do try to give it over to the Lord. I do. But I am weak. I want baby girl to come home.
Well we are at yet another wait stage. My caseworker said it may take up to a week (7days!!!) to hear if we passed or ..............not.
Seriously need dark chocolate.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The time is now. Make or break.
I want my baby girl.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Girls Name

Lets have some fun. Take the poll on the right. Which name do you think we will be naming Baby girl? (I figured she needed a real name :)
btw~Both my girls have Maria as a middle name and Boo's name is Boo-Maria then her Guatemalan name. Baby Girls name will be the same with her Ethiopia name.
Go vote.

Kitty Love & Nesting

When Boo was sick, running a fever on my bed Smokie
Came and curled up on her chest. It was like he knew she
needed cuddling :)

We are getting better slowly. This was a tough couple weeks :)
OH!!! I received an update on my baby girl !!! Autumn was able to see her at the orphanage hanging out in her walker. She said she was petite and beautiful and looked very content. She said baby girl didnt seem to be afraid of "white" faces like some of the babies. I bet us pale folks look kinda weird to these little babes if they havent seen white faces before :) Oh I can not wait to hold my little girl. I have been thinking about carrying her around in her sling, and feeding her her bottles, and kissing her tiny little head :) Oh baby girl. Mommy. Misses. You.
~With our court date TUESDAY FEB 17TH , (mark your calendars) this seems real. We could use prayers and positive thoughts we pass. I know the chance is 50/50. I am getting so excited to think very soon we will be on our way to Ethiopia and holding baby girl.
~Can you take makeup and meds on the plane? (HAVE to have my makeup)
~This weekend I bought a new baby sling , some headbands for baby, and some snappy baby bows :) Gotta love Ebay :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This & That

This was the last picture they took and it is my FAVORITE!

We are all coming back to life a bit. Turns out I had pneumonia :( that would explain the high fevers. I Dragged myself to the dr Monday. I am feeling much better, after antibiotics, cough meds, steroids, and ibuprofen :) This kicked my tush quite a bit ;)
~FINALLY sharing some of Bug's Glamour Shots with ya. She is so photogenic! She had fun and cant wait to go again :)
~Sweet Abby is slowly getting better, remember to keep praying for her :)
~Kristi received her LONG awaited referral!!!!! A beautiful 9 month old baby girl! Click here to read her story and see a peek.. :)
~Is it just me or does Nadya Sulman , the single mom who just gave birth to 8 babies after IVF seem alittle off? WHY would someone who is alone, financially strapped want 14 young children to care for? Can you imagine? 2 people have a hard time caring for 8 infants....I am not judging, but I just wonder why and HOW she will manage this?
~Our court date is quickly approaching next week (17th) AAAHH! Can you imagine? We may actually be holding baby girl very soon!!!!!
~I raised $100 thru my Avon for diapers/formula for the Orphanage. Please take a look at my website. You can get free shipping and lots of goodies are on sale :) Click Maria website
~WELCOME HOME AUTUMN ,BRIAN AND ELIAS :) This sweet family waited SO LONG to bring home their little guy. Go over and see what a beautiful family they are :) Click

Saturday, February 7, 2009


That sums up our family. Yesterday we had all 5 of us on our bed, in various stages of fever, chills (NOT fun) coughing or laying in a daze. I have muscles that are so sore, I didnt even know they were there! Even my scalp hurts from the fever. Hubby has bronchitus. He actually called into work friday. He NEVER does that.
Couldnt have survived without my sister and mom. Gaby came by and brought us many medicines and juice and some soup. Yay Aunt Meme :)
My mom was a blessing taking the girls today so I could sleep off my chills.
More soon.
**Prayers are needed for Abby, poor baby is struggling with infections and sores. She is back in the hospital.
**And a the "B" family adopting a beautiful baby girl from Ethiopia. Beautiful baby girl passed away and returned to heaven. Heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bug, Boo & Brother

Elephant ear fashions

My sweet Bug is a ball of energy. Creative and physical. Busy busy busy.

She went outside and picked some leaves. She sewed a dress and hat for her American Girl doll.


~I broke down & searched Craigsl*st for a crib. I knew I wanted a sleigh style which are out of my budget right now. I scored a beautiful crib for (drumroll...) $50!!!!!!!!!!!! It is pecan color, with a couple scratches but I am going to re-do it in white to match Boo's crib. I looked online and the same crib cost $500!!!

GO MOMMY :) It has the beautiful solid sleigh sides, and a pretty legs. I am so excited.

~When we were driving to get the crib Boo says "Mama, baby sisa come home now?" (Awwww! ) I said "No baby not today , but soon" She goes 'MAMA NOW!" I wish baby, I wish :)

~It was so cold the other night we still had ice in the pond, at 10 am. Crazy!

~My Peanut gets his full arm cast off today!!!! He will have a short cast for 3 more weeks :) Almost done :)

~Bugs pictures come in this Saturday, I had the day wrong. Bummer.

"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
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