Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You get knocked down...

And you get up again. Never gonna keep me down! ( get points if you know the song :)

Well I have come out of my chocolate chip cookie coma. I really had the wind knocked out of me on Friday. Stupid I know. I know better. I have been thru adoption before. I KNOW you can not count on anything in International to get my hopes up we would pass the first time was not smart. But I did. I cant help it, I want my baby girl home. I could have been holding her in alittle more then 2 weeks. That hurts :( Good news is some wonderful moms who ARE traveling (Sunday :) have offered to hug baby girl for me.
~THANK YOU to everyone who left sweet comments and emailed me. It truly helps to know you have people who understand and are pulling for you :)

I talked to my sweet caseworker last night. No news. I worried that maybe our birthmom was ill or moved, but as of today I dont know why she didnt make it. But the good news is, Christy (cw) said that they will secure transportation for her to the next court date. Whenever that is. I dont know yet....Prayers for an early court date would be SO wonderful.

~I had a friend say to me "I know you want your baby home so you will know she is being cared for "

Actually that is not something I worry about EVER. Truly. I trust Hannah's Hope Orphanage completely. I have heard so many times how much the special mothers care for and love the children. They all come home so healthy (maybe with colds and ear infections but that is normal) that I dont worry about her care. I just wish I was the one caring for her :)

~Off to take the kiddos to the dr again. They still have the wet cough, and Boo has a yucky nose. Fun.


Kerri said...

Glad you're feeling more positive. Even when the head knows the reality, it's hard to get the heart to follow along. Hope you hear about your next court date soon.

Rhonda said...

praying you hear of a quick hearing date again soon, HUGS

Debbie said...

I'm glad your bouncing back from the disappointing news last week.

Now, we all need to start a "new court date" chant.

doreen said...

Maria...adoption is just such a roller coaster of emotions.. One day your head is high in the clouds and life is grand. Yet on another day, your heart drops in your chest and the day trudges on.

Remember, all this will one day be a distant memory, long forgotten.


Sig said...

We understand and are praying.
Luv ya and can't wait to hear that you passed court!

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