Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 little princess girls from 3 different countries

Our beautiful Boo. Born in Guatemala. Oh what a blessing this child is. 6 years of joy.

My little Ethiopian beauty, My baby girl is a muscled wee little thing. A firecracker. With a heart of gold. 3 years old :)

Our beautiful brown babies :) Love them! They are the sweetest sisters and have a bond I dreamed they would. 

Finally our little survivor. Our fighter. Taiya our European beauty with a little something extra ;) this child was at a 5-6 month old level almost 2 years ago at 4 years old when we brought her home. Starving. Head shaved. Couldnt crawl, walk, stand on her own or barely sit without support. LOOK at her now:) thats GOD's love and strength. She is 6 years old now. She is learning to run and jump and talk. She will be starting school too! We love this baby :)

Tell me adoption is not beautiful.

We had a not so nice, article written on our family in a newspaper from Taiyas home country. The reporter said we picked our children based on "colors" That we dress Taiya as a "fancy puppy" and flaunt our children around but dont take them to parties.
What? We didnt chose our children. GOD did. And I have had puppies. This is SO not the same :)
stupid .people.

travel countdown to reunite with our sweet boy in a few weeks!!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Count down begins..

We have our date. We are finally in the home stretch! It seems surreal. We will be traveling in August.

We are coming sweet boy. Finally. We are coming :)


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And the Winners are....

One Month

Over 600 entries

THE BEST friends, family, advocates, orphan lovers EVER

THANK YOU so much to all our wonderful friends and family for your generous donations and handmade gifts. Without you this wouldn't have happened.


Our two families got together to draw all the names. We recorded this fun moment.
Below is the clip showing the first 5 winners, also featuring Kole and Sasha's former roommates;)

All our winners are listed in the order they were drawn. I (Lindy)  will be contacting each of you to chose the gift from the list as they are left.As Lindy goes down the list she will email you when your place in line comes up with a list of prizes still available.  Please respond to my email within 2 days, or I will have to move on to the next winner until I hear from you. Delay will mean more goodies are gone when you are ready to pick. So be fast :)

#1 Gretchen T
#2 Heidi M
#3 Ernie F
#4 James R
#5 Joann C
#6 Deborah M
#7 Tolisse Farm Inc
#8 Gretchen T (Pass to next winner)
#9 Marilyn F (Pass to next winner)
#10 Joann C
#11 Angie C
#12 Adam D
#13 Dan T (Pass to next winner)
#14 Amy C
#15 Amber M
#16 Angie C
#17 Jamie K
#18 Jenna S
#19 Jenna S
#20 Eric M
#21 Gretchen T (Pass to next winner)
#22 Steve D
#23 Jessica C
#24 Gwen S
#25 Barbara C
#26 Eric M
#27 Dan T (Pass to next winner)
#28 Adam D
#29 Jenna S
#30 Alicia S
#31 Dan T (Pass to next winner)
#32 Robyn A
#33 Angie C
#34 James R
#35 Amber M
#36 Kim K
#37 Lori H


Adult large navy 147 Million T-Shirt

Donated by $20 Value


 Ladies small pink 147 Million T- Shirt

Donated by $20 Value


Child's green 147 Million T-Shirt

 Donated by $20 Value


147 Million Burlap Bag Zippered 11" across pretty pink interior.

 Donated by $30 Value


This necklace is made out of recycled magazines! It was made in Uganda
where the average yearly income is $300 and parents have to pay for
their children to attend school. A single mom made this necklace so that
 her children can attend school.

Donated by Tisha Alexander value $30


Seinna Richie  Lacey Shopper large handbag $89 Value

Donated by Maria Falvo


 Handmade Bracelets

Donated by Sarah at 


owl hat Donated by Sarah

The winner of the owl hat can choose the
size and color they would like, and I will make it and get it out to
them. More info on the owl hats here


 Choice of designer look wallets CHOOSE ONE

Donated by Gaby Broderick


Knot Dress $35 Value


 Lori Harris has donated either a custom boys outfit or a custom girls dress. Winner will chose. $35 Value


Hand Made and Donated by Becky Hilfer. Proceeds help the poor in Guatemala.

Created using Rosaline Swarovski Pearls, Rose
Swarovski Cubes, Silver Plated Swarovski Rondelles, Silver Plated tube,
Beads, Spacers and clasp.



 $50 Amazon Gift Card 

Donated by Gaby Broderick


Custom cloth doll you choose features $29 Value

Donated by Becky Wangerin 

Who is going back for a little girl!


Coach Wrislet 

Comes with bag and coach box $48 Value

Donated by Emily Nolan 


Pampered Chef Leak proof glass container 1.5cup

Donated by Maria Falvo 


$25 Gift Certificate to use online at

Donated by Jennifer Griffith & Tiffany Grumbley

(2 available)



Handmade Dress and Matching Bow $30 Value

Donated by Jessica Chinni  


iTunes Gift Card $15 Value

Donated by Jessica Chinni





Set of 10 handmade Cards Assorted

Donated by Mel DeLlanos


Thirty-One Retro Metro Bag $55 Value

Donated by Rachel Golden 


Scentsy Warmer & 3 Scents $50 Value

Donated by Bianca Olivier 


Hand made Pie Plate

"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)