Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USCIS here we come ! Free drawing! Needing a mommy

IVAN :) This brown eyed beauty has CP and will thrive at home with a loving family and treatments that are so easy to come by in our country.

SWEET!! He is about to age out of his baby house, and his Dr. is so very sad to see him sent to the mental institution where he will live a short life in a crib fed once or twice a day until he passes :( his Dr cried to a missionary worker to PLEASE FIND HIM A FAMILY TO SAVE HIS LIFE.
SO sad but true. Orphans live lives we DON'T want to think about. But we HAVE to . We have to do what GOD knows we can to HELP.

~In the past , well past adoptions that is, we have always waited until our scheduled appointments to head down to have our fingerprint apt. But I have learned that you can walk in, with your apt letter and they WILL TAKE YOU :)  way cool. So we are heading down to get them done baby !! One more thing off our "to do" list to bring teeny Taya home :)
If you follow me on FB you know we had some set backs this week when it comes to notary stamps :( but slowly by weeks end we should be back on track!!  I couldn't believe the FDLE clearances came back with a notary stamp that expired in a couple months ! Well that wont work :)
~Don't forget you can scroll down a couple posts, to see the link for our adoption store front. Get yourself a cool adoption related t-shirt for Guatemala, Ethiopia or Ukraine. Or a faith or orphan based shirt , and if you re post our link on fb or your blog by this weekend, you will be entered in the drawing to win a free tshirt of your choice from our storefront !!
~This little guy is beautiful and he needs a family. How stinking cute is this little beauty?? He is healthy but does have HIV. which in OUR country is NOT  a big deal. This beautiful boy deserves a family and a LIFE. Are you his mommy? Would he be a perfect fit in YOUR family? Think about these kids. Pray for them. Please.
~God is working miracles everyday. Don't forget that :)
~We may have something to share, God willing, soon. Could you say a pray for us? God knows what its for I bet :)
Hugs to all!!!
Do what YOU can for orphans everywhere, here in America, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Haiti, Eastern Europe, Uganda , anywhere a child suffers.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby massage :)

I  was so excited to see my beautiful teeny Taya baby getting some yummy baby massage with sweet smelling lotions and baby powder!! What a gift Gretchen is to all these children who are just aching for some touch and stimulation :)

Can you believe my little one is 4 1/2 years old? Life in institutions is hard on little bodies :(

Here is sweet Anne-Marie :) she desperately needs a mama & daddy ! Look how happy she is and how she is trying to interact . All it takes is someone to love these kids and show them some attention :) What child DOESN'T deserve that?

~Thank you to everyone for your support with our fundraiser!! You guys are awesome, we have had such wonderful response , I am just humbled once again. Thank you so much!!! Remember you can still get in on the giveaway, just post the link to my storefront on your blogs /face book/twitter or email it to friends :) post a comment either here or on face book, each time enters you for a chance to win a shirt from my storefront :)

~Have a wonderful happy weekend :):)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

T-shirt fundraiser GIVEAWAY for Taya -guatemala , ethiopia and ukraine :)

hey everyone !! I finally have my adoption fundraiser ready to help us with the last of our funds to
"SAVE TAYA-MARIA" :) our beautiful daughter to be who is stuck in an orphanage in Eastern Europe waiting on her mama and daddy.

Our t-shirts reflect all our feelings for saving the orphan child and some are specific to countries -
GUATEMALA, ETHIOPIA, AND UKRAINE :) We also have one or two shirts that are just colorful with HOPE/LOVE/FAITH  themes. sizes for men/ladies/children.
ALL are under $25 most are $16-20

Please take a look and share with anyone that would be interested and on your blogs or facebook.
ok for the giveaway~
GO to our store front , follow this link-

post our storefront link on facebook/twitter/and your blog. for each time you  post and share the link, leave me a comment. I will put your name in the drawing for a shirt of your choice for each time you post our fundraiser in the next week :) the giveaway will end 7/2/10 and we will draw the one winner on Saturday the 3rd.  Thank you so much in advance ;) ETHIOPIA
This is just a sneek peek :) there are several other designs available too !! They are BEAUTIFUL !! AND, they will help to give an orphan a LIFE and a family :) Not everyone is called to adopt, and that is ok. BUT God does call everyone to HELP the orphaned child. So please help us save Taya :) (and get a couple cool shirts in the process :)

I was just over the top excited  , to receive an IN PERSON report from my friend gretchen who is adopting sweet little Ross right now from Taya's orphanage. If you click on his button on my right sidebar, it will take you to his FSP page w/ Reeces Rainbow and his family blog is there. GO PEEK !!  you will see
SEVERAL PICTURES OF MY TAYA!!!!!  You will even she Gretchen kissing on my sweet taya baby !! Oh how happy that made me :)
Gretchen has said that Taya is so sweet and giggley and loves to give kisses and hugs ;) She said she is TINY and oh so fragile. Mama can NOT wait to get my baby home !!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

URGENT FAMILIES needed for these lil guys !

Hey guys !! I know ya'll will help me get the word out for these 2 sweet little boys, their time is running out in the baby house orphanages :( they are both ABOUT 6 MONTHS from being sent to the Institution :( THEY NEED A FAMILY.

~The first little guy with the beautiful platinum hair and blue eyes is Russel :) he has down syndrome but is very high functioning and so handsome!! he is in my Taya's orphanage and a friend of mine met him! She played with him for a while before a worker shooed him away :( she said he was talking (in russian :) , and was walking and running ! He came over to their blanket and called her soon to be son by name , and sat down to play cars and trucks with them on the blanket. She said he was sweet, and very friendly and played nicely !! He is even more beautiful in person she said. He is 5 and his time is running out. A family had him on hold for 1 year but never completed the adoption :( PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER RUSSEL :):) LITTLE BOYS ARE THE BEST !!!
Russel has a large grant too!! email me or check him out at  you can email andrea from the site with  questions, if he isnt meant to be your son will you help me advocate for him?
~Next is monroe who is also 5. His doctor at the orphanage told a visting missionary that he desperately NEEDS A FAMILY in 6 months...or he will be "sent to the institution where he will be placed in a crib in a dark room and HARDLY FED, a slow death." The dr. was crying by the time she was done begging them to find him a family :( Monroe is friendly and sweet but has cerebral palsy, and can not walk at this time. Please please help me find him a mommy and daddy !!! He just had a HUGE GRANT of $6000 given by a benefactor with a heart of gold!!!! That makes his adoption much more affordable for his family !!!!

please please help me find these boys a family before the un-thinkable happens to them ...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stand up for Orphans :) , Taya update, Baby Girl cuteness!

Oh my little cheeky, messy, beautiful , messy (did I say messy?) baby girl !! This child plays hard and SERIOUS. Each time we head outside I just give in and strip her down. Within minutes of being outside she is COVERED in dirt and usually wet from the kiddie pool and eating cherry tomatoes ;) I lost the fight to keep her clean and pretty outside ;) A quick shower , a bottle , her blankie and she is asleep.

My friend Gretchen is now in Taya's country and at her orphanage!! She is bringing home her little cutie Ross.Click on his button on my blog on the right side.  She offered to bring a sweet gift from mama to Taya :) I had a minky blankie made for her , just like I brought for Baby Girl when we traveled to Ethiopia. I am ACHING for a Taya siting :) Oh I need to know my girl is doing OK...We have sent in our USCIS application, and have most of our dossier done except the doctor letters ! Yippee!! Getting so  close. We are hoping to be able to mail off our dossier in July, then travel in AUGUST !! OH how thrilled we will be to break our girl out of the orphanage :):)
~My friend Kristin is now at Taya's orphanage and she is bringing home her BEAUTIFUL daughter Nadia :) she passed court AND the 10 day wait was waived so they are going to be home by next week!! Check out their blog here for some beautiful baby pictures :) Nadia has the brightest blue eyes and the sweetest smile.

Some sweet children who still need a mama & a daddy :)
~Brady on the top left, is in real danger of being sent to the institution very soon. In his region, HE CAN NOT be adopted out of the institution. It means a death sentence for him. Is he your son? Can you spread the word for him? Maybe donate a few dollars to his grant to help another family who feels led to adopt him to bring him home :)
~Next we have Darya. Isn't she a beauty? She is being well cared for and is HIV positive. This little girl will blossom once she is home :) Is she your little girl?
~Last we have Martin , oh how I love this little guy. He reminds me of my son at that age, so sweet and fragile :) He has down syndrome and needs a family quickly. He had a heart condition that has healed on its own!! That is awesome news for him ! Could you love him? Could he be your little boy?
Check out all the beautiful kids on :)

                                                          This was our harvest the last few days :) man o man that was a lot of tomatoes all at once! I was at a loss as to what to do , so I went ahead and just chopped and froze them to use in sauces ,soups and salsa later :)
Need some ? ;)

~we have been praying for all the people of Guatemala. They have had terrible luck with weather, rain , mudslides and volcano eruptions :( please consider a donation to Mayan families or another hands on group. These kind people have so little to start with, they have lost everything.

~Hugs :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random iphone shots~

I love my babies. Have I said that lately? They are just so perfect and full of love. For each other and everyone else. I can NOT imagine my life without my babies :) ADOPTION ROCKS!!

~We found Boo napping in her room the other day, all decked out with her glasses and bracelets ;)
~Boo and Baby girl love to hold hands in the car. It is so sweet , they kill me !! Bug  switched seat so they can now have their carseats side by side so it is easy to love on each other :)
~Baby girl is finally saying a couple words...and has started kissing EVERYONE it is so cute. Heck I will take kisses all . day. long.
~Boo asks me each time we go in the car "are we going to pick up my new sister Taya now?"
be still my heart :) I love that the kids cant wait to rescue Taya too !

Mama misses you sweet Taya...we are coming as soon as we can :)

Hugs !!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Need a Bow? Want a Bow? Bows for Taya !

Grab This!
If you have a blog would you be kind enough to get the word out about our sweet Taya? if you click on the
"grab this" and copy the code you can put her button on your sidebar. It helps spread the word about orphans many folks dont know about. Which is ALWAYS  a good thing!

~My friend Bianca who has a HUGE heart for children with Down syndrome and for Orphans, has made a blog called "Bows for Taya" she makes beautiful bows, loves to make custom bows and is donating ALL her proceeds to help us bring Taya home ! How kind is that? We are humbled :) please spread the word and check it out .

Hope everyone had an awesome 3 day weekend. We are still waiting for our homestudy draft, praying it comes in this week so we can file our application with USCIS :)

~Had our last tenant move out without notice (sound familiar?)  and left me with 3 gas bills, 3 water bills, many garbage bills and 3 months rent NOT paid! She was supporting her family and her elderly dad, her hubby couldn t find work, and was sick. So me being the WAY TO NICE landlord was letting her wait until her income tax check came in to catch up and pay me. WELL.... She stood on her front porch 2 weeks ago and PROMISED to pay me in FULL on the 26th. Guess what??

Yup. made me look like quite the fool :( 

We need EVERY PENNY to bring Taya home quickly. This really rocked my faith in people. I feel quite betrayed , to have treated them with respect and to be screwed over so :(

~Have a wonderful day !!!!!!
"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)