Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stand up for Orphans :) , Taya update, Baby Girl cuteness!

Oh my little cheeky, messy, beautiful , messy (did I say messy?) baby girl !! This child plays hard and SERIOUS. Each time we head outside I just give in and strip her down. Within minutes of being outside she is COVERED in dirt and usually wet from the kiddie pool and eating cherry tomatoes ;) I lost the fight to keep her clean and pretty outside ;) A quick shower , a bottle , her blankie and she is asleep.

My friend Gretchen is now in Taya's country and at her orphanage!! She is bringing home her little cutie Ross.Click on his button on my blog on the right side.  She offered to bring a sweet gift from mama to Taya :) I had a minky blankie made for her , just like I brought for Baby Girl when we traveled to Ethiopia. I am ACHING for a Taya siting :) Oh I need to know my girl is doing OK...We have sent in our USCIS application, and have most of our dossier done except the doctor letters ! Yippee!! Getting so  close. We are hoping to be able to mail off our dossier in July, then travel in AUGUST !! OH how thrilled we will be to break our girl out of the orphanage :):)
~My friend Kristin is now at Taya's orphanage and she is bringing home her BEAUTIFUL daughter Nadia :) she passed court AND the 10 day wait was waived so they are going to be home by next week!! Check out their blog here for some beautiful baby pictures :) Nadia has the brightest blue eyes and the sweetest smile.

Some sweet children who still need a mama & a daddy :)
~Brady on the top left, is in real danger of being sent to the institution very soon. In his region, HE CAN NOT be adopted out of the institution. It means a death sentence for him. Is he your son? Can you spread the word for him? Maybe donate a few dollars to his grant to help another family who feels led to adopt him to bring him home :)
~Next we have Darya. Isn't she a beauty? She is being well cared for and is HIV positive. This little girl will blossom once she is home :) Is she your little girl?
~Last we have Martin , oh how I love this little guy. He reminds me of my son at that age, so sweet and fragile :) He has down syndrome and needs a family quickly. He had a heart condition that has healed on its own!! That is awesome news for him ! Could you love him? Could he be your little boy?
Check out all the beautiful kids on :)

                                                          This was our harvest the last few days :) man o man that was a lot of tomatoes all at once! I was at a loss as to what to do , so I went ahead and just chopped and froze them to use in sauces ,soups and salsa later :)
Need some ? ;)

~we have been praying for all the people of Guatemala. They have had terrible luck with weather, rain , mudslides and volcano eruptions :( please consider a donation to Mayan families or another hands on group. These kind people have so little to start with, they have lost everything.

~Hugs :)


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

You are getting closer to your sweetie!!! Can't wait!!!!

Molly said...

play hard, sleep hard! She's got the right plan!!

Mandy said...

Those kiddos are so precious! I'm excited you're getting closer! That wait is HARD.

Jodi said...

I would love LOVE LOVE to bring Brady home.....He has just captured my heart!

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