Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Winners & some cuteness

Bug doing the honors :) Yes baby girl is on the table watching. Sorry 4th kiddos get away with ALOT !

We have 2 winners !! I know surprise :) :) Gwen from 147 million orphans sent me a couple t-shirts too so I threw one into this give away !!!
LINDY ~A mama who is dreaming of adoption :):)
ALEX~A mama with a heart for orphans and children :)
Lindy & Alex thank you so much for your donations!!
Lindy Send me an email and I will forward your info to Kelly and she will let you pick your size t-shirt from her AWESOME ORGANIZATION !! I have to buy me one of her cool t-shirts :) I want one too lol!
Alex send me a email with your address and I will send you out your awesome
t shirt from Gwen's organization !!! How cool, ya' ll helped a little guy and won cool t-shirts :) thank you to all who donated !!!!!

Now for some cuteness :) In our new rental house we dont have a tub :( 3 bathrooms and no tub, go figure, so Baby Girl gets a little sink bath !! She loves it! (cookie was just hanging making sure it went ok)

Strikin a pose :) she is so cheeky!!

This is how Baby girl goes to bed now , LAYERED to prevent a NAKED BABY in the morning !!

Showing off her little hair pretty :) She LOVES her hair bows, if they slip off she will bring it to me and tell me (without words :) to put it back in ! Too cute :)

This is the situation I woke to a couple weeks ago :) a disgruntled baby girl with no clothes or diaper. AH!! That could HAVE been ugly ;) so now we layer so she cant get the zippers and snaps open, so far so good.

~We all woke this morning with colds. AGAIN. Starting to dream of warmer weather ! Never thought I would say that LOL! Too much cold this year :)
~Have a wonderful Thursday :) :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We have a winner

yup. we have a winner. Bug and Baby girl drew the lucky winner.

huge thank you to all who donated including the 2 folks who chose to remain nameless :)

Winner will be announced tomorrow ..we have been under the weather a bit here. Gotta find my camera cord :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dirt and donations ~

This is the "dont you warn me not to eat dirt look"

I will eat whatever I want ! (clearly)

Smiling with joy at being cheeky and eating it anyway !!

Then going in for some more tasty , crunchy driveway dirt !

Baby girl is being naughty. Yes naughty. Everytime we are outside , she has to be watched closely because she will play with ANTS and EAT DIRT. Yes dirt:( I am not talking about your normal toddler "tasting the sand " in the sandbox eating. I mean picking up a small handful and putting it in her mouth to the best of her ability , then licking the rest off her hand ! Then going back for another big handful ..ick ! It is kinda odd considering she hardly eats ANY real food, but dirt ..yum. Any ideas?

Boo comes to her rescue to save her from herself and takes her for a ride on the plasma car :)






Thank you guys so much ! honestly every $$ truly helps to bring him home!!

Tomorrow is our drawing for the beautiful T-shirt from Kellys organization ORDINARY HERO !!! Go check out the amazing things she is doing as an

"ordinary person" just like you and me :)

All it takes is $10 for a chance :) to be a HERO to a child. Timmy.

PLEASE ?? Can you help ?


Beautiful Isla was born to her amazingly strong, mommy Autumn very healthy !!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sisters :) , thank you's, changes, Families needed!

Kelly , Kristi's sister has been kind enough to donate a tshirt from her organization , ORDINARY HERO , like the one Kristi is modeling :) . for every $10 donation you make to Timothy's grant fund using the chip in, you will get ONE chance to win. leave a comment with the $ amount and you will be entered for a chance to win :) YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT, because ALL the personal info goes straight to Reece's rainbow, so I only see the amount go up, not who donates :) on the 16th Tuesday, at 9pm I will have my kids pull a name out of a bowl with each $10 donation in it for a chance :) $20 is 2 chances, etc. We will be doing another fun giveaway after that one...stay tuned !!
How cool would it be to win one of these awesome shirts and help a WONDERFUL LITTLE BOY!!!! COME ON GUYS :) DON'T FAIL ME NOW :) Its only $10.....teeny tiny amount in the course of a day :)

Is there anything sweeter then seeing your kids love each other ? Baby girl and Boo are so sweet together. Bug is a wonderful big sis. I have to get a video of Baby Girl kissing on Boo, it is the sweetest thing :)

We hit the local fair last week and it was FREEZING ! Only about 47 but with the wind....chiiiiilllly :) I like the fairs but some of those carni folks, are a
bit creepy :(


Ok BIG THANK YOU'S for donations to Timothy's grant fund



~ Gaby

~Kristi J

~Leslie B

~anonymous X 2

your magnets will be on there way soon. I have to get them out of a box , so bear with me ;)

I know we can get to $350 !! You guys are awesome. If everyone who has a heart for orphans, donates just $10....well , that's alot of money LOL!! PLEASE spread the word and remember every little bit DOES HELP :) :)

~Ethiopia has big changes in store. I guess a lot still has to be ironed out, but it looks like they are requiring families to make 2 trips :( this has its ups and downs,, it will be more expensive (flights to Ethiopia ain't cheap :) and leaving your baby/child behind IS VERY HARD. we learned that while adopting Boo from Guatemala. It hurts. But the good, is you will get a chance to spend time with your child that you would have missed out on. And meeting an older child , it will give you some time to get to know them just a bit. I am still unclear on the WHY of it all. Anyone have any ideas?

finding families one child at a time :)

This is sweet Lucy. She is waiting for her forever family in Mexico. They take very good care of the kids there. She has down syndrome :)


Ok how stinkin cute are these TWINS !!! Oh I want them :) lol. They are 18 months old and developing on target :) They are loving and sweet.
How cute??? They are in Eastern Europe and total costs with travel are under $24,000. Oh these beautiful babies need a mama and a daddy !! They DONOT have down syndrome. But sadly they are both HIV + ok dont turn away. HIV is so treatable now. These babies have a long life ahead of them with treatment HERE in the states. Visit project to learn more about raising kiddos with HIV. They are on the Reeces Rainbow site under "OTHER ANGELS" SIBLINGS :) GO take a peek and donate or pray over them. Hiv makes them special needs, so they need our help:)
HIV ,It is not the scary condition it used to be.

ok, thats it for now. bye:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Leave your name :) ALL girls & GOODIES COMING

sweet taya lost her family :( i know they are heartbroken. I love this child. I so wish she didnt have to wait a minute longer. Where is her mama?? She is 3 now, talking and doing wonderful.healthy!!!
ok. cordelia !! I love her too!! She is 2 walking , talking and a favorite!! She is very high functioning , possible mosiac ds, how awesome !!! She needs a mama!!

and my other true favorite, anastasia :) what a beauty she is ! How can no one step out and make her their daughter ???? She is beautiful, kind , talking and walking :)

you guys are awesome !!!!!!!!! 5 donations already :) but, I dont know from who ! AH ! all info is going to RR. so, if you would love your magnets sent out, leave me a comment or send me an email and i will mail it off to you !!

oK, WE HAVE TSHIRTS COMING !! Kelly, Kristi's awesome sister was kind enough to donate a t shirt from her org, for our fundraiser for Timothy :) and ...

147 Gwen and suzanne were kind enough to also send me some goodies for a lucky winner or two :) i will get this up and going soon!!
We can find these babies homes !!!
Have a great weekend !!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MUST watch for DADS on the fence...(or under it!)

I borrowed this from the Gwens blog , Oatsvall team. I just thought it was so awesome it needed to be shared :)

Gwens blog is ~here :) :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

WHERE'S my mommy??

Look how sweet this baby is!! He is 3 years old and living in an orphanage in Eastern E urope. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He walks and is very lovable. Yes , has down syndrome. But by looking at him he seems to be very healthy and beautiful :) when he turns 4 he will be on borrowed time, before he is sent to an institution :( (check out my facebook page, for a short video of life in an EE institution)
WE can help him find a family!!!!! Print his picture out and pass it out to EVERYONE you know , at church, at work, in your neighborhood. SOMEWHERE his mommy is right now, hoping to find him. Please donate to his grant fund. Adoption is costly (right?) and if we can make it a bit easier for his family , they will step up !!

~I am going to put a chip in button up too. For everyone who donates $15 , I will send you an adoption magnet !! If you donate $21 I will send you 2 :) :) I have about 20 magnets so lets go !!!
~If you can only donate $5 or $10 PLEASE DO !!!! I will post everyones names to my blog that donate, and GOD AND TIMOTHY , and I will THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
~ALL the monies go directly to RR , not me :)
please spread the word and link my blog on your blog or facebook. NOT for me ;) FOR THIS SWEET LITTLE BOY, who wants someone to hug him and kiss him and change his world forever.

"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)