Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dirt and donations ~

This is the "dont you warn me not to eat dirt look"

I will eat whatever I want ! (clearly)

Smiling with joy at being cheeky and eating it anyway !!

Then going in for some more tasty , crunchy driveway dirt !

Baby girl is being naughty. Yes naughty. Everytime we are outside , she has to be watched closely because she will play with ANTS and EAT DIRT. Yes dirt:( I am not talking about your normal toddler "tasting the sand " in the sandbox eating. I mean picking up a small handful and putting it in her mouth to the best of her ability , then licking the rest off her hand ! Then going back for another big handful ..ick ! It is kinda odd considering she hardly eats ANY real food, but dirt ..yum. Any ideas?

Boo comes to her rescue to save her from herself and takes her for a ride on the plasma car :)






Thank you guys so much ! honestly every $$ truly helps to bring him home!!

Tomorrow is our drawing for the beautiful T-shirt from Kellys organization ORDINARY HERO !!! Go check out the amazing things she is doing as an

"ordinary person" just like you and me :)

All it takes is $10 for a chance :) to be a HERO to a child. Timmy.

PLEASE ?? Can you help ?


Beautiful Isla was born to her amazingly strong, mommy Autumn very healthy !!


gaby said...

Don't you remember "mud pies"??? You liked them! ;)

Very cute pics.

jody said...

hmmm, maybe an iron deficiency?? LOL-weird but true sometimes :)lol!! try some nasty polyvisol vitamins, but hide it in juice or something! there is NOTHING Zoe won't put in her mouth/lick--so gross!!!!!

Kristi J said...


Alexandra said...

she is getting so big!!!! and my little Peanut shoved dirt in her mouth the other day to. lol

just donated $10...wish I could do more.

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