Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Winners & some cuteness

Bug doing the honors :) Yes baby girl is on the table watching. Sorry 4th kiddos get away with ALOT !

We have 2 winners !! I know surprise :) :) Gwen from 147 million orphans sent me a couple t-shirts too so I threw one into this give away !!!
LINDY ~A mama who is dreaming of adoption :):)
ALEX~A mama with a heart for orphans and children :)
Lindy & Alex thank you so much for your donations!!
Lindy Send me an email and I will forward your info to Kelly and she will let you pick your size t-shirt from her AWESOME ORGANIZATION !! I have to buy me one of her cool t-shirts :) I want one too lol!
Alex send me a email with your address and I will send you out your awesome
t shirt from Gwen's organization !!! How cool, ya' ll helped a little guy and won cool t-shirts :) thank you to all who donated !!!!!

Now for some cuteness :) In our new rental house we dont have a tub :( 3 bathrooms and no tub, go figure, so Baby Girl gets a little sink bath !! She loves it! (cookie was just hanging making sure it went ok)

Strikin a pose :) she is so cheeky!!

This is how Baby girl goes to bed now , LAYERED to prevent a NAKED BABY in the morning !!

Showing off her little hair pretty :) She LOVES her hair bows, if they slip off she will bring it to me and tell me (without words :) to put it back in ! Too cute :)

This is the situation I woke to a couple weeks ago :) a disgruntled baby girl with no clothes or diaper. AH!! That could HAVE been ugly ;) so now we layer so she cant get the zippers and snaps open, so far so good.

~We all woke this morning with colds. AGAIN. Starting to dream of warmer weather ! Never thought I would say that LOL! Too much cold this year :)
~Have a wonderful Thursday :) :)


Three2Five said...

We had the same nighttime stripper problem~ we tried everything from duck taping diapers closed to sewing the zipper on his pj's nothing worked! Never tried the layering. I'll remember that for next time!

Alexandra said...

she is such a cutie!!! I will file away the layering advice if my daughter ever does that lol

and I can't find your email address (if the alex that won is in fact me lol)!! ;)

Renee said...

Did you try putting the clothes on backwards assuming she is undoing zippers? No experience but I heard it works. She is so precious..even when she's eatin dirt haha.

schoolmother said...

She is just too incredibly Cute!! I've heard eating dirt can sometimes indicate a lack of some mineral or something in their body.

Eastern Europe09 said...

Hi Maria, thanks for visiting our blog, the kind words and wishing us luck! You can share anything from our blog! We will be traveling shortly and I can hardly wait!!!
The Fritz Farm

Eastern Europe09 said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and wishing us luck in bringing home our 4 kids! Yes, yes, yes, share it so the word gets out about these kids.
The Fritz Farm

I tried twice to leave a comment, I dont think the first one worked but if it did now you have two from me!lol

Rita Andrews said...

TOO CUTE!!! Your pom looks just like pretty!

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