Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey, this thing on?

Our First Thanksgiving as a family of 6 !

I know I have been a slacker. Please forgive me :) Life just kinda gets in the way some times ya know? I wonder if everyone cares about what is rolling around in my head, so I just keep the random thoughts to myself for a bit :)

~The bad neighbors we have across the street from us, have been so much trouble. Today as my son was setting up his new Christmas reindeers that a sweet friend gave him, the nasty teen, who punched out his step-dad last week (charming I know) stood in his driveway

GIVING MY SON THE FINGER !!! This is the same kid who STOLE all our decorations last week ! Ugh!! I wouldnt care if he flipped me off, well thats not true, I would flip him back ;) but doing that to a little boy ? just wrong.

~Yay!! Got my first Christmas card today from THE JOHNSON FAMILY :) :) thank you Kristi and Lucy lane :)

~Have you seen the amazing out pouring of support for sweet Darya ?? This little girl who happens to have downs syndrome,is in an institution and is getting her family !! Her soon to be sister who is 11 !!! Raised over 26,0000 in ...... (your not gonna believe it )

10 days to bring home her new baby sister !! Unbelievable what the whisper of God in a child's heart can do :) :) I am in awe of this amazing story.

~Did you know that in this country , 90% of pregnancies that are carrying a child with Downs Syndrome are ended/aborted?
I am plain stunned over this. My husband and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt no matter what our unborn child's health we were having our babies. God gave us this baby and we would care for them.

This statistic just shocked me.

~Our agency All Gods Children is going to start facilitating adoptions for children with HIV. I think this is just amazing and so wonderful :) So many more children will have a chance for a family :)

~ On a lighter note, DID ANYONE really believe Tiger Woods wife smashed in his REAR window to save him, from hitting a fire hydrant?!?! Seriously people. They had a fight. A big fight. Moving on :)

Boo celebrating her 2 different shoes :)

Baby girl LOVES her baby puffs :) So does the pup ;)

Boo came out dressed in 2 different shoes, AND on the wrong feet ~!

me ~ "Boo who in the world wears 2 different shoes and on the wrong feet ?"
Boo ~ (with hands out to the sides ...) "ummm, they do in Guatemala!"

ohhhhh my cheeky girl !!

Love love this outfit :)

Ok. Ya' ll know my son is a master baker right? well for thanksgiving he made a


YOWZER !! I am going to be rolling down the road if this keeps up ;)

My amazing sweet boy

it is so cool to see Bug mothering baby girl :)

Oh my cheeky girl ! (with her shoes on nana's couch eek)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pageant Day Princess

Pageant day. Sleepy princess :)

Aunt meme came over to do Bugs nails


After :)

Bug snuggling with Pop-pa

Mama and her girls , this was Bugs outfit of choice. She
was so cute doing her little cheer leading routine.

Papi and his pretty girls

When the day was done Bug won~
~Pettiest smile
~Most photogenic
~runner up in her age division
She had such a wonderful time with her her friends, and that is what was most important.

Bug and her best friend who won Queen in their age
division :)

Bug and Aunt meme

Bug and her modeling coach

Look at that happy face !

Can you say beautiful ? ( I am the exhausted one in the back :)

Over all it was a nice day but man, a lot of work! I dont see us making a habit out of it.
Things are good, I have been a bad blogger. Trying to get back into it, my Internet has been dragging.
We have some changes in our household coming in the new year, so we have been busy...more to come on that.
!Oh, if you follow me on fb you know that our neighbors across the street who rent, have some super horrible teenagers. They have been causing so much trouble it is awful. I have had to call the police on them, several times which is not my style, but drag racing in front of my house at 2am...not cool. Graffiti on the street, loud parties , cars all over etc. Anyway they stole all my sons Christmas decorations he worked on putting out for over a week. Blowups, spirals trees and lots of little goodies. Many he bought with his own money :( We called the police, but knew we would never see the stuff again. Well, a patient of my sisters went to goodwill and bought my son new light up reindeer's to replace the ones that were stolen!! HOW WONDERFUL WAS THAT? He learned how rotten folks can be and how good :) Then...the day after thanksgiving his Santa blowup and his little snowman were back by our front door!!! I am sure the step father of the teens from them in the garage, they are packing and moving out :) seems all those calls to the police and the rental company and finally the owner of the house (who is shipping out to Iraq in a few days ) paid off. I hope their new neighbors are more there speed so they dont have to move again ;)
Happy Sunday to all :) :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Check it out!"

Cutie outfit :)

After we met at the lawyers office to start Boo & Baby girls re-adoption
we went to a park that was just beautiful. The kids had a ball playing.

Love this face :)

"You want me to walk ?"

Papi and his baby girls

My handsome boy (he will be 11 in 4 days !!)

My 4 swinging cuties :)

THIS is the life with my little Ethiopian
princess. Each day she finds a new adventure,
her joy at throwing all the books down over and over is hillarious!

We have a little fountain on our porch, which baby girl has
decided is her personal spa !! She even knocked down the baby fence
I put up to keep her out :)

My sweeties watch Baby Einstein videos :)

That is Boo's new favorite saying. I hear "Check it out, I love apples"
"Check it out, I hate ketchup " "Check it out, you a little bit crazy!"
All day long :)
~finally started the girls re-adoption paperwork. Yes i am a slacker.
~Bugs just entered her first pageant and did really well, and had a ton of fun which was the real point :) If you follow me on facebook , you already know this, but pageants? Seriously HARD WORK FOR MAMAS!! I was exhausted after the day ended. Bug won for -Most photogenic, -Most beautiful smile, and runner up in her age division. She came home with 3 trophies and was just thrilled with the whole day.
~The other day while shopping, my dh stood by the babies in the cart while I went to grab something off an isle. I hear an older gentleman saying to the babies "are you here alone?" I look over and he smiles at me, so I assume he is kidding, Michael is standing next to the cart...Well he says it again, as I walk up. Then my hubby tells him they are his daughters LOL! The man was surprised :) He says to me, i thought they were alone so I was going to take them home. Ummm, I dont think so !
~Did you buy your mayan families christmas basket yet?? Dont forget to :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekend update~during the week

I am so behind in my blogging duties.
I am sorry.
Moving on :)

Several folks asked about our camper, this is it. It fits the kids nicely in the back bunks, my son sleeps on the fold out couch, and baby girls pack n play fits where the table goes. Over all nice & cozy. We eat all our meals outside so the table isnt needed much.

This week has been crazy busy getting ready for Bugs first pageant with her modeling class. I had planned to put Baby girl and Boo in the beauty part, but Boo didnt care for practicing at the studio (only at home, and kinda winging it :) and once all the stress started from Bugs many practices and dresses etc. I decided one kiddo at a time :) I have to embellish Bugs dress with crystals , should go great considering I am OH SO CRAFTY :( give me a room to decorate, I am excited! Tell me to craft something and .....I look for something pointy to poke myself in the eye with :P

After MANY EARLY mornings of fishing with daddy on the lake peanut FINALLY caught A TROPHY BASS :) :) he was so excited he ran back to the rv to get the camera (gave me a heart attack at 6 am) while daddy trailed the fish in the water. Pretty fish :) ***no fish were hurt in the capture, he was promptly let go :)

Baby girl sportin her bow :)

Trying to get a cute photo-op ,someone wouldnt play

Bug waitin for a squealing baby girl !!

Cheeky girl

look at her cutie sandals !!!!
I love them !!

It was so hot last weekend. 95!! Seriously.

Strikin a pose

Handsome ALMOST 11 yr old...eek..

Best friends at their dance show

Love this face. I was looking at baby girl standing in the yard today banging blocks together. I was over whelmed with a feeling of pure love. This is MY child. This is OUR child. GOD brought me this child. From across the oceans...on a different continent. I could have gone my whole life without meeting my daughter . My heart just aches at this thought. IF we didnt follow the aching in our heart placed by GOD. My daughter. Our daughter. Oh baby girl ...we love you. period. but not that simple , it is oh so deep:)

******PLEASE PRAY FOR VINCENT. PLEASE PRAY FOR ABBY. AND PLEASE PRAY FOR A DEAR FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. This family is amazing and kind and loves the LORD. CANCER IS SO EVIL. It hurts my heart to see so many wonderful, kind families hurting.
*****Miss Debbie Weeks. Please email me :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Britax on sale ~

Quick post :)
BRITAX carseats are on sale with FREE shipping here ~

I have bought both my seats and a stroller from this site and love it.
"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)