Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekend update~during the week

I am so behind in my blogging duties.
I am sorry.
Moving on :)

Several folks asked about our camper, this is it. It fits the kids nicely in the back bunks, my son sleeps on the fold out couch, and baby girls pack n play fits where the table goes. Over all nice & cozy. We eat all our meals outside so the table isnt needed much.

This week has been crazy busy getting ready for Bugs first pageant with her modeling class. I had planned to put Baby girl and Boo in the beauty part, but Boo didnt care for practicing at the studio (only at home, and kinda winging it :) and once all the stress started from Bugs many practices and dresses etc. I decided one kiddo at a time :) I have to embellish Bugs dress with crystals , should go great considering I am OH SO CRAFTY :( give me a room to decorate, I am excited! Tell me to craft something and .....I look for something pointy to poke myself in the eye with :P

After MANY EARLY mornings of fishing with daddy on the lake peanut FINALLY caught A TROPHY BASS :) :) he was so excited he ran back to the rv to get the camera (gave me a heart attack at 6 am) while daddy trailed the fish in the water. Pretty fish :) ***no fish were hurt in the capture, he was promptly let go :)

Baby girl sportin her bow :)

Trying to get a cute photo-op ,someone wouldnt play

Bug waitin for a squealing baby girl !!

Cheeky girl

look at her cutie sandals !!!!
I love them !!

It was so hot last weekend. 95!! Seriously.

Strikin a pose

Handsome ALMOST 11 yr old...eek..

Best friends at their dance show

Love this face. I was looking at baby girl standing in the yard today banging blocks together. I was over whelmed with a feeling of pure love. This is MY child. This is OUR child. GOD brought me this child. From across the oceans...on a different continent. I could have gone my whole life without meeting my daughter . My heart just aches at this thought. IF we didnt follow the aching in our heart placed by GOD. My daughter. Our daughter. Oh baby girl ...we love you. period. but not that simple , it is oh so deep:)

******PLEASE PRAY FOR VINCENT. PLEASE PRAY FOR ABBY. AND PLEASE PRAY FOR A DEAR FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. This family is amazing and kind and loves the LORD. CANCER IS SO EVIL. It hurts my heart to see so many wonderful, kind families hurting.
*****Miss Debbie Weeks. Please email me :)


Rachel said...

That camper is our dream! We are thinking about starting off small next year and working our way up. So cool! And what an awesome way to share some family bonding!

missy said...

great pix! such cute kids. loved the last paragraph...god is good.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Always praying for Abby & Vincent, adding to our list. Being a cancer survivor.....I know God heals!!!!!

Love the camper....would love to someday do that with our kids too!!! Looks like you all had fun!

Kristi J said...

oh, so sweet...I can't imagine IF we hadn't adopted...isn't it scary to think about?? She's too cute, kristi

Alexandra said...

L-O-V-E the camper!! One of these days we will be there! My dad really wants an RV when he

Love the cute pics!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Thanks for such a great family update, everyone is doing so well and what a GREAT FISH!!!


Rhonda said...

great pictures and what a fun photo of the great fish. So cool. blessings, Rhonda

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