Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pageant Day Princess

Pageant day. Sleepy princess :)

Aunt meme came over to do Bugs nails


After :)

Bug snuggling with Pop-pa

Mama and her girls , this was Bugs outfit of choice. She
was so cute doing her little cheer leading routine.

Papi and his pretty girls

When the day was done Bug won~
~Pettiest smile
~Most photogenic
~runner up in her age division
She had such a wonderful time with her her friends, and that is what was most important.

Bug and her best friend who won Queen in their age
division :)

Bug and Aunt meme

Bug and her modeling coach

Look at that happy face !

Can you say beautiful ? ( I am the exhausted one in the back :)

Over all it was a nice day but man, a lot of work! I dont see us making a habit out of it.
Things are good, I have been a bad blogger. Trying to get back into it, my Internet has been dragging.
We have some changes in our household coming in the new year, so we have been busy...more to come on that.
!Oh, if you follow me on fb you know that our neighbors across the street who rent, have some super horrible teenagers. They have been causing so much trouble it is awful. I have had to call the police on them, several times which is not my style, but drag racing in front of my house at 2am...not cool. Graffiti on the street, loud parties , cars all over etc. Anyway they stole all my sons Christmas decorations he worked on putting out for over a week. Blowups, spirals trees and lots of little goodies. Many he bought with his own money :( We called the police, but knew we would never see the stuff again. Well, a patient of my sisters went to goodwill and bought my son new light up reindeer's to replace the ones that were stolen!! HOW WONDERFUL WAS THAT? He learned how rotten folks can be and how good :) Then...the day after thanksgiving his Santa blowup and his little snowman were back by our front door!!! I am sure the step father of the teens from them in the garage, they are packing and moving out :) seems all those calls to the police and the rental company and finally the owner of the house (who is shipping out to Iraq in a few days ) paid off. I hope their new neighbors are more there speed so they dont have to move again ;)
Happy Sunday to all :) :)

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reaping joy said...

What a beautiful girl! How fun to do all the dress up & frilly clothes! I would love to do that, but don't think Elyssa would cooperate with being out in front of strangers. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :-)


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