Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

T-shirt fundraiser GIVEAWAY for Taya -guatemala , ethiopia and ukraine :)

hey everyone !! I finally have my adoption fundraiser ready to help us with the last of our funds to
"SAVE TAYA-MARIA" :) our beautiful daughter to be who is stuck in an orphanage in Eastern Europe waiting on her mama and daddy.

Our t-shirts reflect all our feelings for saving the orphan child and some are specific to countries -
GUATEMALA, ETHIOPIA, AND UKRAINE :) We also have one or two shirts that are just colorful with HOPE/LOVE/FAITH  themes. sizes for men/ladies/children.
ALL are under $25 most are $16-20

Please take a look and share with anyone that would be interested and on your blogs or facebook.
ok for the giveaway~
GO to our store front , follow this link-

post our storefront link on facebook/twitter/and your blog. for each time you  post and share the link, leave me a comment. I will put your name in the drawing for a shirt of your choice for each time you post our fundraiser in the next week :) the giveaway will end 7/2/10 and we will draw the one winner on Saturday the 3rd.  Thank you so much in advance ;) ETHIOPIA
This is just a sneek peek :) there are several other designs available too !! They are BEAUTIFUL !! AND, they will help to give an orphan a LIFE and a family :) Not everyone is called to adopt, and that is ok. BUT God does call everyone to HELP the orphaned child. So please help us save Taya :) (and get a couple cool shirts in the process :)

I was just over the top excited  , to receive an IN PERSON report from my friend gretchen who is adopting sweet little Ross right now from Taya's orphanage. If you click on his button on my right sidebar, it will take you to his FSP page w/ Reeces Rainbow and his family blog is there. GO PEEK !!  you will see
SEVERAL PICTURES OF MY TAYA!!!!!  You will even she Gretchen kissing on my sweet taya baby !! Oh how happy that made me :)
Gretchen has said that Taya is so sweet and giggley and loves to give kisses and hugs ;) She said she is TINY and oh so fragile. Mama can NOT wait to get my baby home !!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Can't wait for you! She looks so sweet :)

jody said...

hey, i posted the link w/o even knowing about the giveaway! yay me, haha! maybe i'll win then!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Shared your storefront link on my Facebook page

Anonymous said...

Shared your storefront link on my Facebook profile

Anonymous said...

Tweeted your storefront link

Anonymous said...

The Taya button is in my sidebar, Events with your storefront link

Tisha said...

I LOVE those shirts. My oldest REALLY wants the ET Adoption Rocks Tshirt! I am going to post it on facebook RIGHT NOW! I'll blog about it soon and I'll let you know!

gaby said...

I posted your link on facebook :) - but please don't enter me in the drawing.

cooltees said...

Really ! very nice T-Shirts

Cool shirts

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