Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waiting is hard

Waiting. That is what you do when you adopt. Wait. At every stage there is hurry up and WAIT. Do papers. Wait. Get on referral list. Wait. Get court date. Wait. Have court. Wait. Wait . Wait wait!!! It sure teaches you things are NOT in your control. I do try to give it over to the Lord. I do. But I am weak. I want baby girl to come home.
Well we are at yet another wait stage. My caseworker said it may take up to a week (7days!!!) to hear if we passed or ..............not.
Seriously need dark chocolate.


The Boyce Family said...

Oh how agonizing! I've been anxiously awaiting your post-court post. Hope you hear something soon!

Thinking of you....


Richard Maus said...

Oh, Maria, I was checking tonight just sure you had heard something. I'm so sorry it will take that long to know. Waiting stinks!


Kerri said...

Many hugs during this difficult time...

Debbie said...

Thanks for letting us know that we have to wait for your news. I'm going to keep stalking your blog though.

Seriously, I hope you hear something sooner than later and hope even more that it's good news.

Kristi J said...

OH, I so don't look forward to that wait too!! But I know you passed and I'm sure you'll hear good news soon (positive thinking here :) So excited and can't wait to hear, kristi

R. Sutphin said...


I am so sorry. I didn't realize that you would have to wait so long. Its even harder when you know exactly when things are taking place...unlike Guatemala and all you know it that you're IN PGN for weeks...but you don't know what stage!

I pray that you don't have to wait a week for the answer.

cb4swife said...

How are you doing???? I am praying for you. I think that this particular wait...the one where you are waiting to hear news about court was the hardest wait out of all of them! I am praying for you and checking back regularly to hear your news :) Shannon

Jana said...

I agree, the waiting is a big stink!! Bring on the chocolate!!

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