Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

This & That

This was the last picture they took and it is my FAVORITE!

We are all coming back to life a bit. Turns out I had pneumonia :( that would explain the high fevers. I Dragged myself to the dr Monday. I am feeling much better, after antibiotics, cough meds, steroids, and ibuprofen :) This kicked my tush quite a bit ;)
~FINALLY sharing some of Bug's Glamour Shots with ya. She is so photogenic! She had fun and cant wait to go again :)
~Sweet Abby is slowly getting better, remember to keep praying for her :)
~Kristi received her LONG awaited referral!!!!! A beautiful 9 month old baby girl! Click here to read her story and see a peek.. :)
~Is it just me or does Nadya Sulman , the single mom who just gave birth to 8 babies after IVF seem alittle off? WHY would someone who is alone, financially strapped want 14 young children to care for? Can you imagine? 2 people have a hard time caring for 8 infants....I am not judging, but I just wonder why and HOW she will manage this?
~Our court date is quickly approaching next week (17th) AAAHH! Can you imagine? We may actually be holding baby girl very soon!!!!!
~I raised $100 thru my Avon for diapers/formula for the Orphanage. Please take a look at my website. You can get free shipping and lots of goodies are on sale :) Click Maria website
~WELCOME HOME AUTUMN ,BRIAN AND ELIAS :) This sweet family waited SO LONG to bring home their little guy. Go over and see what a beautiful family they are :) Click


Debbie said...

I'm glad you're on the mend. Pneumonia!!! I'm sure you felt horrible.

Your little girl looks so grown up in those pictures. What a sweetheart.

Momma said...

She looks so awesome in those pics!! I think you have a future model on your hands.

be_a_Mary said...

oh man! i'm so glad you are on the road to feeling better!

i thought the same thing about the octupluts. I try not to be judgemental, but WOW!! Can you even imagine??

GORGEOUS pictures

gaby said...

I guess Aunt Mem is going to be very busy... between shoe shopping, clothes shopping & glamour pictures! Haha

She's beautiful!


Rhonda said...

Golly, glad you are feeling better Maria. Those are amazing pictures and ohhhhh, so grown up already :-( and sooo photogenic!!!!

Maria and Family said...

i love your blog and i love you bug.

Maria and Family said...

i love your blog and i love you bug.

Michelle Smiles said...

Beautiful! And ugh to pneumonia - had it once and that wasn't fun!

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