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Family 2013
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Girls Name

Lets have some fun. Take the poll on the right. Which name do you think we will be naming Baby girl? (I figured she needed a real name :)
btw~Both my girls have Maria as a middle name and Boo's name is Boo-Maria then her Guatemalan name. Baby Girls name will be the same with her Ethiopia name.
Go vote.


Kristi J said...

wow...your court date is almost here....I'm sooooo praying for you guys... Ican't wait for you to hug my baby girl for me...did I email you her pic and name?? I think I did, but it was a whirlwind and I can't rmember..kj

Debbie said...

Before we even had Lili's referral we decided we wanted to give her a name that we had chosen for her and would keep her birth name as her middle name. That way she would have a name from both her birth mother and adoptive mother and father. We also decided that we wanted to give our Guatemalan princess a Latin American name that we both liked. We didn't have too much trouble coming up with names we liked, just had trouble agreeing on the exact name. When we started our Ethiopia adoption we again agreed to find an Ethiopian name that we both liked and to keep our Ehtiopian princess birth name as her middle name. This proved a bit more difficult, but we finally decided on a name.

I hope you and your hubby had an easier time deciding on a name than we did :-)

Momma said...

how fun!! I love that you have kept their name from their country as part of their names. great idea? do most people that adopt do that?

Sunday said...


Praying for you TONIGHT!!!! You will feel so much better when you wake up will be a huge relief.


Sig said...

Love em all! Can't wait to see her face!

Rhonda said...

Close tie for name preferences!!!! Love the names. We were set on Katie's but Emily's we had to think on!!! I wanted another "K" name but we couldn't agree on one!!!

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