Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bath time cuties & Park day~

My amazing little bathing beauties :) Baby girl gets so excited when she fills up a cup or bottles then squeezes it out, like magic :)

If you dont remember my mentioning it, I will say it again...PLASMA CARS ARE A HIT!! We had 2 from last Christmas and honestly my hubby wasnt sold, but they have won many toy awards, so I held off judgement. Once the kids got on them they were a HUGE HIT! The kids can coast around the house slowly with just the friction of the steering wheel moving them or zoom down the driveway at break neck speeds!! they are ridden. Now we have 3 :)

Climbing trees at the park

Oh my cheeky baby! I had fixed her hair so pretty before we left, turned my back for a second and she was face first digging in the dirt !! She had sand all in her eyelashes and curls . She thought it was great :)

My beautiful brown babies taking a break :) they are like monkey see, monkey do! Seriously baby girl loves to copy boo.

baby girl showing off her new hair creme and her cute 12 month jeans!! Finally not slipping off :)

~we are getting ready for a move here in the next few months, know anyone with a couple acres and a 4 bedroom house to rent :) ? Love our big house but really want to have some more property, our lot is tiny.
~Praying for Trina to find her miracle...
~A few referrals went out !! CONGRATULATIONS !!
~Some of the cuties from REECES RAINBOW FOUND THEIR FAMILIES !!!! I will post some of their pictures next post. So awesome when a child finds a family :)
~It has been FREAKIN COLD HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love cold weather but seriously, i dont have enough warm clothes for 20-40 degrees for 2 weeks !! Baby its COLD OUTSIDE !!
Taking the big kids to dinner tonite , just the 4 of us :) should be nice.
Have a happy thursday :) :)


Eastiopians said...

Such great pictures! Aren't sisters SO cute together! I am finally able to experience it myself. :)


The Hull's at #4 said...

Great update Maria - your children are precious precious precious!!!

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Rachel said...

LOVE the pics! And I know what you mean about the cold weather! All my friends up north keep teasing me, but seriously, I moved to Florida to get away from this nonsense! 30 degrees is just crazy! :)

Pam Thomas said...

The girls are sooo cute together. Boo is really growing. I want another baby but hard for singles to adopt internationally now :( I pray Guatemala will re-open & accept singles my age (39 again many times over).

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