Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting closer :) & needing mama's

I think there is room in their for a couple more kiddos no? :)

Well who doesn't LOVE the stress and emotional ups and downs of the "paper-chase" ?
oye. As soon as you think you are done, some NEW twists, rules, changes or oopsies :( and you are scrambling once again t make a deadline that is truly important to YOU, but most folks don't get it :(
We thought we were done with our dossier. Well a day or 2 after we mailed it, an error was caught and the rush was on to quickly add Benji's name, re-notarize and mail off to have put with our the tune of $111.00 :) 
Then 2 weeks later turns out a couple dates don't match on another paper :( well we missed being submitted Thursday, did I mention Our countries court system only accepts dossiers on Thursday's another mad dash on the "TAX-FREE WEEKEND" (does everywhere have that? no taxes on clothing to celebrate school starting?) well the darn lease excerpt paper had to be redone..and the notary that our leasing agent used, REFUSED. YES REFUSED, TO STOP SHOPPING TO NOTARIZE OUR PAPER. (even though our agent offered to drive and meet her in the parking lot!)
The *itch ,  ummm, Notary  said she didn't know anything about "orphans suffering & needing to come home" but she DID know that she had coupons and she wasn't going to ruin her day, notarizing a paper !!! SERIOUSLY.SHE.SAID.THAT.
(Then she left off an important piece of info when she DID sign them. Who does that?!)

Well after being on the edge of my seat all day we got it at 3:45 , rushed to UPS but they were closed :(:( (sniff )

So today I was at UPS when they opened and mailed this paper out again, with a kiss and a pray ;) this little document HAS to make it to EE, by Wednesday, so we can be submitted for a court date by THURSDAY :)  then we should hear about a court date , about 3 weeks from then and should HAVE TO BE in EE for court about 8-30 days from there !!!!! We are getting SO CLOSE!!

~Our fundraiser, brought in more then we hoped, enough to cover 1 of the kiddos visas :) we made $320 !!!! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, and prayed for us :)

~Mama has needed Retail therapy..just a bit. Only for needed items , promise ;)

~Since we are missing traveling in August, we will be able to keep Baby girls and Boo's court date for their re adoption !!!! YAY!!! It will be AUGUST 27TH !!

~AND, we will be able to attend the TOBY KEITH CONCERT we bought tickets for months ago!!!! SO excited :) This mama needs some stress relief ;)

~bummed to miss the AGCI  family picnic in Tennessee :( sooo wanted to meet my peeps in person. Next year. For sure :)


All kiddos on 

"danil"  & "Masha"

Danil has Ds and is beautiful!
Masha has Sn's maybe FAS, but she is beautiful
and a family has met her recently and loved her.She is tiny, and in a VERY poor orphanage :( very poor.

MAX & LENA :) twins!! They have HIV + and are developing normally, & are loving & walking.

This is Toby :) He has to  find a family NOW, or I may be going back for him !!
Would you look at those big blue eyes and long eyelashes? AND he is under a 1 year old! He has Down syndrome, and will thrive at home with a family ! :)
Pray for these children. Share them with your friends and family.
Be their voice. Don't turn away. They need us to care.

HUGS! :) 


Michelle Riggs said...

Oh that darn paper chase. Love it/hate it.

Praying your babies are home soon. I would love to meet them some day.

Missed your fundraiser. Please let us know if you have another.

Alexandra said...

I'm so glad it's all coming together!!!!

Lisa said...

oh that Toby is something else! So happy to hear it's coming all together. I want to slap that notary lady too! What is wrong with people?

Jodi said...

Such cute kiddos you have, your homegrown son and daughter look SO much alike. I just love your son, he reminds me of my Michael, and just looks so sweet :)

Genesis said...

My mom adores him! And there is a possibility we may consider him :)

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