Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Thank you SO MUCH for blessing our family! We have raised just over $800 from Paypal, checks and our YOUCARING page! Humbled doesn't even touch it :)
I have had many questions. I can not share any info on "Monkey" other then she is a cutie. She is  a 7year old little girl who is  active loud and  funny. This is a domestic adoption. Costs are SO much lower than an international adoption, but we still have travel, attorney fees, court, social worker, and background checks. They ICPC process is very important so we have to be sure everything is done correctly. We have used what we had on hand, plus have had a fridge, stove and septic issues :( eek... Next our sweet Annabelle pony, was diagnosed with Choke. Basically a food ball stuck in her esophagus. It was life or death. After trying to clear the blockage for 24 hours we had to call the vet out. Either she could clear it for a reasonable price or we would have to have her put down :(
Thankfully after 2 hours and $300 the vet cleared the blockage! Such relief for our family.
So appreciative of the support we have been shown!

We have a big announcement! We are growing! We are adding  little "monkey" to our family! Read our YOUCaring page for details. CLICK HERE
 We have always advocated and fundraised joyfully for other families but this time we need your support :) I would be so grateful if you would pray, share and donate if led to our journey.

Every donation of $6.00 or more will be blessed with a bar of homemade boutique style organic Goat milk and Essential oil soap! Please send me an email or fb message with your address and donation and I will bless you with a yummy bar :)

Be Blessed!

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