Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Half a dozen..

Congratulations to Erin on the referral of her new 13 month old son. Erin was open to either gender so that means we are moving up ! Well down ;) Could there be more referrals to come?

My 3 beautiful blessings that the Lord has allowed me to call my babies.

I have been quiet lately, just hangin. Nothing exciting going on. Boo is straining against the desire to be her sweet easy going self and a 2 1/2 smartie pants rebel. Where is my easy going baby? Tantrums? check. Screaming? check. Little freshy? check. Oye. This too shall pass , right? :)

My little peek a boo monkey !

Playing with my camera.

My princess and princesa

A boy brought a snake to our campsite. Bug let him hand it right to her! Yikes. I was so proud of her.

Grumpy girl :)

Guess who was in trouble here ? (hint: not Bug)

We spent the day with Aunt Laura and her bf Joe who came in from Tenn. to hang with us. It was so great seeing you. Love ya.
We watched the Ethiopian special with Andrew where he eats weird/odd stuff. I am kinda worried now that I will starve while there! I am super picky. I was so pleased to see how sweet and kind the people were. The women were so lovely in their bright colored clothing. We loved Guatemala and the people were wonderful. I expect we will have the same experience again.


Debbie said...

Come on referral!!!!!

Love the pictures of the kids.

Kristi J said...

yeah!!!! This means I'm double you now!!! We're 12 now!! we're the "dozen"...(: cute pics, kj

Richard Maus said...

I am so excited for you! You are moving right up...or...down...hmmm :-) Can't wait to find out about your new daughter!!


Rhonda said...

Oh such exciting times are moving right along, can't wait............

Kristi J said...

you'll love the dip..very easy, kj

gaby said...

To Maria's blogger friends.. Remember Maria mentioned that I bought a family some food for them and their doggies? Well, the lady & her husband were just the key in the capture of 2 (not very nice people) that mugged a 62 year old woman - stole her purse in a parking lot -well unfortunately, when they did, she fell, hitting her head and died as a result. Anyway, that nice lady & her husband were in the 7 -eleven in line and recognized the suspects - not having a cell phone, they went to the fire station right down the road and called the police - which resulted in their arrest - My point here, I do have one :) is - they were in need, and strangers reached out to help, and in return they helped the community to capture criminals. They showed a news clip with the victims daughter thanking the husband for all his help. Well, I just thought it was a nice story to share! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

PS So excited about the countdown!

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