Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lots of this and that

Boo and Lilly Lou :)

I was in a funk the last week so I haven't had anything fun to post. I had awful migraines last week (4) then I pinched my neck. I was exhausted by Friday. I got my lazy tush in to see the Chiropractor yesterday. He scolded me a bit for not keeping up with my treatment. I have never been good about making time for me.

Please keep sweet Abby in your prayers. She is not losing weight finally!! We are all so thankful this beautiful child is here , with her family where she can receive the medical treatments she needs. I cant imagine the pain a mother in Guatemala or Ethiopia feels when her child is SO sick & a treatment plan IS NOT possible.

Check out Jana's and Michelle's blogs next week. They will have some wonderful pictures~they are both in Ethiopia RIGHT NOW lovin on their babes! So happy for them. There is another group traveling in December , so maybe that will make lots of room for new babies and children to be referred!

I made this yummy yummy, chicken recipe in the crock pot the other day. It was moist, and so flavorful. Kinda scary skinning the chicken (yuck) but pretty easy and so good. The spices were wonderful. I put potatoes with a slice of onion wrapped in tin foil around the chicken. What an awesome meal. It was picked clean :) Then I got brave and used the bones to make chicken broth followed by Homemade chicken soup. All of it yummy. I think I deserve a cookie :)

Before cooking.

OH OH!! I found the cutest dolls for Boo and her new baby sister! If your child has anything OTHER then blonde hair and blue eyes it is tough to find dolls that looks like them. I'm not a stickler about it, we have plenty of white baby dolls and tons of dora dolls & a few black babies. I usually buy whichever doll is prettier. I bought Bug a My TWINN doll awhile ago, and I wanted Boo to have something similar. Wait until you see what I found!


Kristi J said...

Wow..the dinner looks yummy..I must be getting hungry (:'ll get the call any day!!! So excited for you, kristi

Rhonda said...

What cute cute cute pictures and that crock pot dinner looks truly awesome!

Momma said...

I'm so sorry you have been having migraines! no fun! but I am glad you are feeling better. cute pics!

Richard Maus said...

You have to share pics of the doll you found! I have the worst time finding dolls, too. Elyssa insisted this year that she get a doll that looked like her. I was able to find one, thankfully, that did not break the bank. Congrats on being #4 ~ it'll be any day now!! :-)

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