Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Ethiopian Princess

We are in love with this child :)

My sweet kids decorated the house and baked a

cake for baby girl!!

ok I could give you more Ethiopia pictures or just jump in with some baby girl sweetness? Baby girl sweetness it is !

Look what the Easter bunny brought!!

Wow. I still cant believe my baby girl isnt sleeping on another continent without me, or me without her. She is here. I am kissing her sweet curls and her sweet wet little mouth. I am stealing smiles and giggles and carrying her in her sling all day long. I am carrying a diaper bag again, making bottles and getting up 3-4 times a night to care for and snuggle my baby girl. I am one lucky mama :)

Hugging big sis first thing in the morning

Aunt Meme (gaby) and baby girl

Baby girl sportin her bib from Aunt Meme :)

Look at this face? HOW beautiful is this child?

ok..a girl HAS to her bows right?

This sweet child even likes her car seat :)

I am truly in awe of how well baby girl is doing. She is all smiles, sleeps great at naps, and at night is waking for bottles or a cuddle but thankfully going back to sleep. A few nights she was up for 2 hrs or so...all smiles so I am not complaining but , this mama NEEDS her sleep :)

~I realized we took 200 pds of donations not 100 that is another reason that rude women was on my many people trying to help kids, but she is cold.. I do have donations to pass on too if you are able to take some.
~Oh another quick tip since so many of ya'll are leaving soon. At the union (and many places in Ethiopia) you can not flush toilet paper. That could be why many places simply dont have any...(ick) so at the union we brought cheap little sandwich baggies and those personal wipes (too much info? :) that way the trash can stays tidy and you dont have to call the desk to explain the big wet mess on the floor LOL.
~ and be careful to not get any WATER in your mouth. Brush with bottled water, rinse your toothbrush with bottled water and after you wash your hands use hand sanitizer. When I washed my face I would put some lip balm on so the water would bead up (the water is NOT your friend) then wipe it dry quickly.
We ate the yummy breakfast everyday and lots of coffee. We also had a few lunches. My hubby loved the chicken soup. We didnt get sick at all. I honestly even forgot to take the pepto tablets too.

~If you like to have pasta and chicken you can have johannas stop by the grocery store where you can buy bow tie pasta and bouillon cubes, my hubby brought canned chicken and a hot plate and ate yummy comfort food :)
~dont be too worried about all the noise on the street, we where in room 103 , right above the street and didnt find it unpleasant at all. Except when a large truck would lay on the horn...the chickens werent bad nor the prayers. Its the sounds of Ethiopia enjoy!!
~Our bed was very comfy. Sorta like a temper-pedic but thicker.
~BEST tip I think, we knew we could never turn our backs on children or people in need, but sometimes it isnt best to pull out money. So i read somewhere about bringing snacks. We brought a ton of peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers and lil keebler cookie packs. Whenever a child approached us we would let them take as many as they wanted. They would light up like it was Christmas!! And the best part was they knew they were important to us :) they mattered. we only had one young mother with a child approach us and we gave her little one a bunch of food and my hubby slipped her a bunch of birr , quietly. She was so happy ! She let me take her pic and I Will post it soon.
Whew...thats it for tonite :) I hope my tips help a bit. I know I love having a heads up :)


Dawn said...

she's BEAUTIFUL!!! and thanks for the last minute tips before we leave TOMORROW!!

Kristi J said...

she's the cutest thing ever!! I LOVE the bows!! I'll be taping them to my baby's head as soon as I get my hands on her...she's bald :) She is beautiful!!! kj

KSL64 said...


I'm so glad things are going smoothly! I think she is the happiest baby I've ever seen. Her face lights up when she smiles! It's interesting to hear about your travels, too.


Troy said...

she's perfect!

thanks for the tips too! very helpful as Amber and I have talked about how to approach the kids coming up to you ... that we had to do *something* ... great ideas!

MelanyTN said...

My gosh - she really is amazing. I love hearing about your trip too. Makes me want to go travel some more!

Cathy said...

congratulations!! little tatianna is just beautiful and you all look so happy! it's fun reading and getting a glimpse into your trip too. thanks for sharing!

reaping joy said...


I am blown away by how exceptionally beautiful your new daughter is! She has the best smile :-) She's the same size Elyssa was when she came home at 5 months, but it looks like she has long arms & legs (?).

I know you have to feel like you're dreaming...I am so happy for you!!


Tara said...

she is the cutest thing! what a blessing to have such a happy baby, and attatching so quickly! A true Blessing right from God Himself!

Kerri said...

She is just beautiful!!! Congratulations!

Eastiopians said...

She IS gorgeous!!!! :) Thank you for all of those great travel tips! Write more more more (you know, with all that free time you have). ;)


The Hill Family said...

do you have ANY pics of her not smiling!?!?! ;) so presh... tia angie is in love :) you & your sis look SO MUCH alike! it's like seeing what you would look like if you cut your hair! prayers that the meds clear up baby girl T-M's rattle - poor thing :( {hugs}

Farrah said...

Your little one is absolutely beautiful.....
I'm so happy for you that she is finally home and the family is happy!

She looks like she is adjusting well and all is great!

Congrats again

Momma said...

she is so beautiful!! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug her! :)

Debbie said...

Ms. T is beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing more trip tips.

Rhonda said...

Great tips though we are DONE!!! She is just sooooo beautiful, congratulations on having her home. LOVE those bows!!!!!

Mandy said...

I love looking at her sweet smile and the way her eyes light up! And, thanks for sharing so many practical tips for travel.

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