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Family 2013
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MUCH needed updates~

Couldn't you just gobble this baby up? Oh she just steals my heart :) (heck she OWNS it :) This is baby girl when we first arrived at the sleep study institute , it was almost bedtime....

Daddy and bug drove us the hour to the office then had to leave us there ..sniff. I HATE being away from my family. Btw~the chair I am sitting in-that was my bed. C.O.M.F.Y.

OH MAN. By the time we reached this point baby girl had TONS of wires and tape on her and had cried so hard she was just hiccuping and was awful. I felt like crap :(

she kept pulling her blankie up over her face :( poor baby.

She fell asleep quickly after her bottle. I slept next to her in the chair. All night the tech would come in and check her many wires...if baby girl sensed her in the room she would go from sleep to screaming ! How she got any sleep in beyond me.

Finally ! 5am rolled around and the tech came and woke us up and said it was time to go ! Yippee!! she had to take ALL THE WIRES AND TAPE OFF- imagine ripping many
band-aids off your baby over and over. And the gunk they put under the sensors on her head was awful, thats why she had to wear the little cap. It kept the yucky stuff in and the electrodes in place.

Her beautiful curls were all sticky and full of yuck.

She didnt care about the yucky stuff in her hair, she was just so happy to go home !!
She was doing this silly giggle and cracking herself up :) I was still in a bit of a fog, at 5am :) But so happy to have my happy baby back :)

Look at all those wires, those all came off my teeny baby :)

Her hair was so messy , I put the cap back on so her car seat wouldnt get ruined. I HAD to accessorize with a bow :)

So happy to be home with Papi

How cute is she ? I had to wash her hair 4 times and really let the shampoo sit then it all finally came out. It took a several days to get the results and they were .............................
I felt really mixed feelings when they told me nothing showed up. Why in the world did I put her through this? I certainly dont want anything to be wrong but I was really hoping for an answer, Finally after 5 months of no answers. Ugh. Now the dr doesnt want her to come back for follow up , he wants me to take her to an Ear , Nose and throat dr. Hopefully this will be the answer. I know we are so blessed that nothing is really wrong with her. I just wish we had an answer to this frustrating noise.
~Oh my gosh. Can you believe my teeny little Ethiopian baby girl is going to be one!! September 3.....


Aubrey said...

Gosh Maria, what a rough time she had. What a sweetheart though to still be so happy at the end of it. I really hope you get some answers soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Beautiful Baby Girl! We love you, Nana & Popop

Tisha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is adorable. That must of been a hard experience for both of you. I hope the ENT has some answers for you.

Debbie said...

It would certainly be easier on everyone is doctors had a crystal ball. I hope the ENT is able to figure out what's going on without a lot of tests.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

The B Family said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
Praying your questions are answered soon, Maria.

The Hull's at #4 said...

Happy Birthday T!! So thankful your sleep study came back normal!!!

Alexandra said...

we will pray for an answer from the ENT doc!

her smile is so contagious!!!!

The Hill Family said...

PTL (normal results) & UGH (no answers) at the same time!!

happy birthday T-M!!! it seems like just yesterday you were a glimmer of a sparkle in your mommy's eye! so hard to believe you are ONE today!!!

lots of big hugs & love to you!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Hope and pray you will have peace about this, and maybe some answers that can help!!! She is absolutely adorable!

Lisadiana said...

I'm glad nothing was wrong. I'm sorry you both had to go through that though. Maybe the ENT can provide some answers.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Renee said...

OMG how cute is my future daughter in law..she totally rocked that head cover with a bow. Way to accesorize cutie. Noah just loves watching the video of Tati walking. when she looks up at the end and smiles he gets a huge grin and says "yeah". I think in his mind she is smiling for him haha.
I need to get some video of Noah. Maybe he'll show tati his dance moves.

JonesEthiopia said...

She's adorable. Absolutely and completely.

It must be so frustrating to not have any answers! But of course it is great that there has been nothing wrong so far.

Kristi J said...

that is too cute..I love the bow over the cap...I'd so do the same :) Happy birthday to your adorable baby girl...she's just precious!! kj

Rachel said...

Wow! That must have been so tough! Hope you get some answers soon!

Paul and Angela said...

I love the bows and hats. Where do you get those?

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