Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Girl is back :)

HELLO?? Are you guys still out there ??
how cute is she?? She loves to just wake up and put a fancy dress on.
This was my poor baby girl :( she was running a fever and so puny. I just carried her in the sling all day long. It made packing boxes a bit more challenging but hey, I loved it.

My cutie with her new bow :)

Look at this face?? Oh how we love her!!Can you imagine her without a mama? Me either. I cant stand to think about her growing up without a family due to poverty. So many kids need sad.

Can you see her curls? I know not the best shot, but they are getting so long!! I cant believe it , when i wash her hair HOW LONG it is. Crazy :)

~This month on 3/21/10 is "DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS DAY" I am going to be sharing with you guys some amazing families and beautiful kids that still need mamas.
~I have also picked a beautiful little boy to sponsor and am thinking of ideas to raise some money for his grant fund to make bringing him HOME easier for a prospective family.
If you have any ideas of things /products we could raffle off I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL!!
~I am going to put his picture and a chip in up later on :)
~I am off to read for a bit while baby girl naps.

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Debbie said...

What cuties you have on your hands!!

We raffled off an Xbox 360 system for our fundraiser and made about $400. Each raffle ticket was $5 or for every 5 tickets someone bought, we threw in a 6th ticket free. I've heard of other families raffling off MP3 players. Another woman I know found someone who owned beach front vacation rental property in Florida who offered 1 week free to the winner of the raffle. Tickets were $5 each and she made a few thousand dollars. Half the money went to Haiti and the other half to DRC.

Word of caution, you can't use PayPal for raffles. They consider it to be gambling, regardless of what the money is going toward.

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