Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outta sight, outta mind :)

No, not really. Sadly my camera is broke :( my little video production crew  aka, Peanut and Bug dropped it and broke the lens ! Yikes. Then I somehow got a really cool virus :( on my computer, so i havent been uploading pictures from my iphone for fear of losing them. So no pictures = No blogging.

I know ...boohiss.

In adopting news, we are almost done with our dossier, but sadly USCIS has changed their lovely process since we adopted in 2009, now everything goes to a "central location" where it is broke down between hague vs non hague. It is under Homeland Security and they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay backed up and seriously NOT motivated. At all. Now there are exceptions, my friend Marianne who is adopting sweet darya (sidebar) had her fingerprints taken the week after me, and her caseworker turned her case around and mailed her I171H in less then a week !! My lovely cw will not return a call or an email, lost a paper we needed and instead of calling/emailing me to tell me he mailed me a stock letter which took a week to GET HERE !~!! aahh!  I had a copy so i overnighted it to him. He tells "well thats great but it takes a week or 2 for me to get things from the mailroom" DUDE!! We are saving a child from an institution while she is living in a less then ideal situation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know you are busy but could you please please make this a priority? You have everything you need to approve us !

Do you hear that ?

crickets ............

He just didnt care.  So we wait. Going on 8 weeks now . We had our fp taken the 1st of july. Last 2 adoptions from mailing application to approval in mailbox, 5 1/2 weeks and 6 weeks. Oye.



Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love your last post of that cute pic!!!!! Sorry about your camera...not good. USCIS- well you know what I think of them!!!!

OK so back up the truck..on the last post you said- IA as in in the place I grew up for 30 years? Where do you live. You can e-mail my by going to our blog :) or facebook me- thanks :) Praying for a prodding of USCIS hearts!!!

The Hull's at #4 said...


Praying your cw gets some empathy, SERIOUSLY!

Hope your camera issues get resolved soon, we need photos!!! :D

Marianne said...

Oh Maria! That's all crummy, to put it lightly. I'm so sorry about your camera, and especially about the USCIS caseworker who got assigned to your file. Big hugs to you!!

Mel said...

You know how I'm feeling Maria... right there with ya Sister!! Our prints were done on 6/23... they've had our paperwork since 5/22... :( Here's praying that we both hear SOON!! Then maybe you, me, and Marianne can meet up at TGIF in Kyiv! hehe

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Oh...I feel ya! We were fingerprinted in JUNE and were told by our officer we had 2-3 more MONTHS. We did a HS and dossier in six weeks and it has been SEVEN weeks waiting on the USCIS and nothing......

No sense of urgency I swear.......

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