Family 2013

Family 2013
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Made it here !

**Just skyped with our kids and parents ! How wonderful to see my babies ! I love you guys so much and miss you !!

We had our bags packed and ready to go. I climb into to bed to realize I  didnt pull our passports out yet. Jump up at 1 look for them and cant find them ! So my luck right? Finally after searching I found the whole passport folder right where it should have been. DUH! In my sleep deprived state I missed them :)back to bed at 2 just to get up at 5am.
Up early and off to the airport :) check in was a breeze. First flight to chicago a breeze. Slept and was ready to meet my amiga Angie Hill :):) we met in Guatemala while adopting Boo and she was adopting reyna :) super nice hugging her again. Thank you for taking time to come and see me !! love ya!

Then we got to our flight with Lufthansa . Well let the nightmare begin !! Lets just say, just because you have a uniform on doesnt mean you get to make up rules! I will share more later on that, but I will say he made us almost miss our flight! We were actually the last one on ;(  The nightmare didnt end there as the flight was the most cramped ,uncomfortable and sweaty (ick) flight I have ever been on. 9 hours of misery. DIDNT SLEEP A WINK.  We were so miserable. Lacey and Sarah were on our flight too, and they can back me up on this. It was awful.
Layover in Germany was fine. Boring but fine. Flight out was wonderful. Soft seats, leg room, air conditioning ! We all fell asleep shortly after take off :)
We are in our Eastern European country now. Niko met us at the airport. We had another weird do to or not to do thing cme up in the airport, that we have to double check...I think we were given the wrong info, but need to make sure. Oye. Keeps ya hopping !
The city is really nice with lots of trees and old buildings, and fancy buildings. Lots of folks walking around. Our apartment is really quaint with lots of open windows, lace curtains and wood floors. Very sweet. hit a grocery store for some goodies. that was fun ! Trying to match up the animals or pictures on the package to what might be inside :)
SDA appt (where we see the kids files and commit to meet them) is tuesday . After that we should be on a train to the region where our kiddos are to meet them , Wednesday night. I think we are going to meet some Reeces Rainbow families for lunch or dinner tomorrow. There are several of us here which is so fun!



Jodi said...

Been thinking about you guys!!

Marianne said...

Glad to hear you've arrived safely!! Let the fun begin!! :-) That is so cool that you get to meet up with a bunch of RR families. We got to meet a few and it was so nice.

Lindy said...

Wow That plane ride sounds great! ;0 I would have been miserable too as I am claustrophobic and NOT a happy camper when I'm hot LOL
So happy you are there though and looking forward to all the updates!!

G-Zell said...

Oh my goodness.... I agree with Lindy. I am claustrophobic too. Glad you made it safe. Can't wait to see pics. :)

Gretchen said...

AMEN!!! Hurry up and get to ZAP!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

SO GLAD you are there.....praying you get caught up on sleep. Can't wait to see you with your babes :)

KSL64 said...

Thanks for the update. Been checking regularly to see your progress. Sorry travel was rough but so glad to hear you made it there safely. So excited for you guys.

Rebecca said...

Glad you made it. That transatlantic flight is miserable, but how cool that there were other RR families there for comradarie. I'll be interested in hearing how you adjust to the time difference, LOL! We had our days and nights messed up the whole time we were in EE.

Tisha said...

I am so glad that you made it safe and sound and are able to tell us!!!! Praying for you friend...

Mel said...

Woohoo!!! So glad you are there safe and sound!! Praying for you!!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see pictures! I will be praying for the rest of your trip to go more smoothly!! Hang in there.

Nan and Dan said...

good luck tomorrow!

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