Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday's Adventures

We seriously slept in on monday. We woke up around 12 :) gotta love that! We made some yummy ;P turkish coffee had a slice of ham and cheese on on bread and breakfast was done. Sarah called after their SDA appt and we met up for some adventures! What a blast to have another couple here to have fun with. We walked all around, saw so many cool things, all the neat churches, Saint Sofia, Saint Michael, and ? There is another big one right next to the sda office . Really amazing to see these beautiful churches that have stood strong against so much destruction around them.
At the square we had a gentleman named Richard come up and aks Greg, if we lost. He was a film producer from Canada that has been coming to this country for 10 years. What an amazing guy, with a wealth of history and stories to tell. He gave us a walking tour that lasted several hours and was  very cool. He was such a gentleman he wouldnt even let us pay him or give him a tip ! He said he enjoyed the day and the beer so all is well. Amazing man. Let me tell ya though, this is one HILLY city! We stopped and had a water break, bought a beer for Richard then we were off again. The only time we got a bit nervous was when Richard wanted to put us in a car with any regular dude who was willing to drive us since that is so much cheaper. I appreciate that is how the locals do it, but us Americans  would rather pay a few more bucks and be alive thank you very much. Sarah and I were much happier in a real cab :) which was very cheap btw. We ate dinner at a local cuisine resturant across from the TGIF and it was delicious. 2 full dinners for $11.00
~oh we met Masha and Autumn with their parents ! What a dollbaby that masha (mallory and peach) Is ! I could have scooped her up and just hugged her all day.
After that we walked with sarah and gregg and Lacey and her hubby to a toy store then thru the underground walk ways which are neat. Then home (in the dark ;) and fell into bed by 9 right after we skyped with the kiddos :) LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ok, had our SDA appt this morning. Next blog...I will leave you will this there were Surprises, scares, oh my.

saying goodbye to our 2 oldest kiddos. Yes it was hard and there were some tears. Love you guys!
 Meeting my amiga Angie in Chicago was such a treat ! Love ya!

 This is us after the awful fligh to germany. we felt as bad as we looked :(
 our apartment its small but cute and NO BUGS :)

 see the little teeny window washers waaaaay up there !

us in the square I believe there are underground stores under the dome.



Becky said...

We just got here, when do you leave for your region? Its the 28th right now, our appt is tomorrow the 29th. If you are still around we could use some directions! :) Take care!

Marianne said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time! It has been such an adventure for and I am just soaking it in. I can totally visualize everything in your post. Isn't it a neat city? I can't wait for the post when we see you with your kiddos!

Tricia said...

thanks for sharing so excited for your family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Can't wait to hear more....and to see pics of you and your babes sooonnnn!!!! PRAYING!

Debbie said...

Following your journey is so very enjoyable for me. The apartment is cute and I'm glad to hear that you've been able to meet up with other AP's along the way. Can't wait to hear about your appointment and even more excited for you to meet your children.

Jodi said...

Oh, shame on you to leave us in suspense!

So far, your hair seems to be holding up pun intended ;)

I just love that boy of yours, your Michael reminds me of MY Michael :)

Can't wait to hear all the details!

Gretchen said...

Oh, that Jodi!

I am so glad you are enjoying yourself and catching up on sleep. That "sleeper" train should help a lot too ;-)

Dying to hear what tomorrow brings with the referral????? Hmmm.

Drop me a line....eager to see if you meet my friend....go ahead and give her the letter. Thanks!!!!


Nan and Dan said...

so glad you are enjoying yourselves. I can not wait till you meet your kids!!! Hugs!

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

On the edge of my seat!!

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