Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taiya our MIRACLE BABY :) Taking her FIRST STEPS!

Can you believe my baby is taking her first steps at 4 1/2 years old ??? AND only home 6 weeks! She has gone from a beautiful baby who just hung out in a peaceful a baby who TRIES to interact, seeks out love and interaction and is TAKING HER FIRST STEPS!

A longer post is coming with lots of pictures very soon :)



Becca said...

That's awesome, Maria!! Way to go, Taiya!! Just goes to show what a loving home and family can do for a child.

Tara said...

Unbelieveable what a Great mother you are!

KSL64 said...

Go Taiya, Go! Isn't it amazing what love can do.

Kelly said...

It is amazing what some love and encouragement will do--her little world has changed so much!!

jody said...

totally cried. I loved Boo yelling "IT'S A MIRACLE! IT'S A MIRACLE!"

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OOOOOOOO!!!! Yeah Jesus!!!! How's that for a Christmas miracle :) LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

Kristi J said...

wow, amazing..praising God, kristi

Tisha said...

I just love this... I could watch it over and over!

Anonymous said...

I've been contacting you for months on Facebook and here on your blog about the t-shirt I won in July and never received. Is this really the way you treat all giveaways? You just ignore your winners and never send prizes??

I spent alot of time and effort getting the word out for you.

Jessica chinni said...

Congrats Maria!! So happy for you!! I am sorry that SOME people are using your good news post as a negative outlit but most of your followers are just happy everything is going great!! Love you, and I don't need a t-shirt ;) I have plenty of clothes ;0)

Anonymous said...

I don't need a t-shirt "Jessica chinni", but I won a t-shirt and never received it. I've actually won, and received, and given away literally hundreds of t-shirts. I have plenty of clothes too -- closets and dressers full of them as a matter of fact; probably more than you will ever hope to own in your entire life. I've likely donated more clothes than you think you have plenty of. It's the principle of the matter that counts.

See how supportive you are if you ever win a prize and never receive it! Especially after jumping through hoops for every possible extra entry.

I've tried contacting Maria personally several times and never, ever get any response. Even an "I'm sorry, I forgot" or simple, truthful "forget about it" would've been nice. I would expect more from a so-called Christian. I'm sure it's a lost cause that won't be forgotten on my part.

What goes around comes around. I truly feel sorry for anyone that can't meet or ignores simple obligations. I hope you "mother" better than you administer your blog giveaways.

BTW, I didn't target this post for a negative "outlet". It was simply the first and latest one listed on the homepage. You might not need a t-shirt "Jessica chinni", but you could sure use some spelling lessons!

Bad karma and curses are a steep price to pay for stiffing someone over a piddly prize. Enough said (for now). I won't waste another word here, but I will definitely have my say with other avenues in time.

The B Family said...

That's what love can do! All teary-eyed here. . . so proud of your sweet Taiya!

Anonymous said...

I think it is beautful! Congrats! Sweet little baby girl!

As for the person who is so upset over a T-shirt - I am a little speechless. I really think you need to examine your heart. You are posting negativity on an adoption blog all because of a ... T-shirt?!? You are upset over a lost obligation ... over a T-shirt?!? Really? I think that if you get offended that a busy, adopting mother of children with special needs forgets about a T-shirt give away, then perhaps YOU should be the one to examine YOURSELF. I really am stunned to see that you further go on to attack Maria's ability to mother. That is a disgusting attack and I hope that you simply stop. You go on to further state that you will find other avenues to harass this poor family. I would advise the Falvo family to be on guard for you, and possibly call the authorities if you continue act so abrasively. There is no reason for this. You did not pay for the item, there was no fraud committed against you. You are the one that is potentially treading on dangerous ground if you continue to bother them. Period. What the Falvo family had done in adopting Benji and Taiya is good, beautiful and inspirational. How dare you try to make it otherwise. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Charrissa B.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Congrats! That is amazing! You are an incredible mother and person. She has been with you such a short time, was so sick, and is making incredible strides.

Lacey said...

Go baby girl go!
As for the commenter, I have no tolerance for these people, you know we've had our share as well. All I can say is at least you have a nice big picture of you and your name when you make threats like that!

Eastiopians said...

Maria...your girl is doing So well!!!! Wow!!!

And that chick Cheryl that is such a downer needs to calm down and bring a little happy into her heart. This is not the place for all that. Ick.

You are wonderful Maria! :)


Organize Me Central said...

Well, Maria - You left me support when I was attacked ridiculously so here I am, returning the favor :-)

First - I am truly excited for you & Taiya! That is just so awesome!! God is good! :-)

As for the shirt, I would just mail it out & let it go. Yes, I have won items, worth much more than a t-shirt that I never received. Did I harp on it? No, I just let it go. In the grand scheme of things, it means nothing. I feel sorry for her, really. She obviously is hurting & needs to put others down to build herself up. If she gives away more clothes than we could possibly ever hope to even own, then why not just count this as a donation back to your family during such a busy time?
Obviously, she has missed the fact that you were frantically paperchasing for months to complete 2 dossiers, then spent weeks in a foreign country away from your 4 children at home, & now, have not only added 2 more children to your household, but 2 with special needs who require lots of extra time & attention.

Don't feel bad!! Your precious children are way more important than missing a t-shirt giveaway. You have rescued 2 beautiful lives & are doing such a wonderful job nurturing them. I suppose she would like you to not make Taiya's baby food or help her learn to walk or comfort her or work with Benji or ..... just fill in the blanks there with a million things a mother of 6 would be doing with her time, so you could get her t-shirt to her...

Love to you!!
Beth :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad that Taiya is progressing so quickly. Isn't it wonderful what a family can do for a child?


I am wondering if maybe you just overlooked the t-shirt arriving. You enter a lot of giveaways and seem to win quite a few of them too. Is it possible that your fiance could have gotten the t-shirt from the mailbox and forgot to tell you? Maria is very trustworthy as she sold magnets for me and sent me the money after they were sold. If you did indeed not receive the t-shirt, I do not think Maria intentionally did not send it to you. Things do get lost in the mail. I do not think though it was necessary to threaten her. Hopefully this can be worked out and you will continue to follow her and her wonderful family. Isn't her family an inspiration?


heatherbrown said...

Wow. Crazy People scare me with their insane threats. Be Careful of people like this!!!!
Keep up the good work Maria!! I love seeing updates on Taiya and how wonderful she is doing!!!

Jodi said...


Freaky, freaky, freaky.

what a dried up prune she must have for a heart!

(obviously talking about the shirt lady)

gaby said...

Can someone please send her a t-shirt??? :)
Maria, I would be concerned. I would print this out and all the messages she sent you on facebook. Oh wait, she didn't contact you on facebook, she hasn't contacted you at all. She waited months before contacting you about a missing t-shirt, and picks a public blog about an actual miracle to attack & insult you??? Not even a hi or congratulations? Was she not moved by the video at all??
I would contact the authorities. She clearly states she is going to continue to harrass you through other avenues. But seriously, over a lost t-shirt? She obviously doesn't care about orphans finding wonderful homes or the orphans still needing homes, only about a $10 t-shirt! She does not deserve to follow you & your wonderful family.
As for bad karma & curses -well it's obvious who is at the head of that receiving line! Who jumps through hoops for every possible extra entry to win a t-shirt? To save a child, yes. But a t-shirt, really?
"lucky ladybug" should be ashamed of herself and owes Maria, her family and her friends an apology for posting such ugliness on a blog about a living, breathing miracle!

btw, I printed it incase she tries to delete it :)

Maria and Family said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH :) you guys rock!

Shari said...

Hi! I've been stalking Reese's Rainbow waiting on information about Anna's family. That little girl has been on my mind and in my heart for what feels like forever. I sadly saw her disappear from their website and rejoiced when she reappeared again and, of course, am THRILLED that her family has found her! I look forward to following your journey to bring her home.

Nan and Dan said...

woo hoo!!! Congrats little one!!
keep up the good work!

Dani said...

Maria-- all i can say is you are special lady with a lot of love to give...i look forward to following how all these beautiful babies progress once they are in your loving care..God Bless...thank God Taiya is feeling better and doing so great --its truly amazing <3

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