Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 Less Orphans BABY ! Gods plans..

Look to the right side bar.
See Gavin's button? Gavin is on his way to a very remote "mental institution" for children 4- 25 :(  
Gavin has always had my heart. Gavin has Down Syndrome and is in the same orphanage has our babies Taiya and Benji. ACTUALLY- Gavin is in THE SAME LAYING DOWN ROOM
AS OUR TAIYA WAS :(  I saw him, looked into his eyes. At the time he was familiar to me, but I didn't place him as Gavin. We all thought Gavin was higher functioning and in a good room . He is 6 and his time has run out . A baby. Like my baby. Going to a horrible lonely die. Alone.

Oh wait a minute !!
NO HE'S NOT ! ;)

My sweet friend Lindy and her hubby (and her awesome , sweet kiddos , Genesis, Jude and Zane:) have stepped forward to adopt Gavin ! This baby boy who has sensory issues, is very small for his age, doesn't walk, talk or do much, will HAVE A MAMA AND A PAPA !! Oh baby boy your life is about to change in an amazing way !! Hang on sweet boy !!

But That wasn't enough.

They have also stepped up to adopt the last child at Orphanage 20 with Down syndrome  who is eligible for adoption.( Sadly many parents never release their parental rights and the children are given a life sentence of orphanages and mental institutions :( 

Sweet Tristan !!

 He is 5 and .......he is now in Benji's old room !!! He filled Benji's spot when he left ! How amazing and so like GOD to weave this whole thing to mirror our adoption, and bring our home school friend back from Tennessee where they had moved for a year or so , to Florida not only to our rural town but 5 minutes from our house !!
I sit in awe when I look back at the road the Lord paves for us and just waits while we walk it :)

This is Lindy's blog - visit and say hello :)

2 beautiful children have found their families and they are going to be my neighbors !! Oh yes I am so flipping happy for my friend, these beautiful boys and me :) heehee :)

Btw- the family adopting Benji's best friend , was a childhood friend of my friend Lindy! I asked her to cross post Sasha's picture on face book and BAM ! Another mama found her child ! Be still my heart. Seriously Crazy !!
Can you see my smile ????

Btw- Benji is now only flushing the toilet about 4 times after using the potty or not using the potty ;) versus the 152 times he was flushing :)

Some cuteness just cause it would be wrong NOT to share :)

 My beautiful strong survivor :)

 My 3 little sweeties :) look at Taiyas face how full of life !

Oh how I love my Ethiopian sweetie :):)
Hugs !!


KSL64 said...

Yeah!!! How awesome that two boys have found their homes and that you will be neighbors to boot. Maria, God has given you such a special heart for these children. What a blessing you are.

The girls are just darling. Tatianna has such a bright smile. Makes me smile just looking at the photo. I bet it really shines in person.

Jodi said...

When I put Taiya back in her crib/playpen the day we visited her, I'm pretty sure her little blonde crib-mate was Gavin.

Perhaps they'll remember each other??

How sweet will that be...

ashleypmo said...

Thank you for starting off my day in tears! Oh---and for the cuteness, because yes, I would have been very upset if you hadn't posted some more cuteness.... <3

Lisa said...

This is awesome! SO happy to see all the little ones from #20 growing up together. They are all so precious!

4 boys in AZ. said...

I started following your journey when you were in country adopting your two sweeties. I can't believe these recent pictures of Taiya! It's amazing...she doesn't even look like the same little girl. She has blossomed so much since she has been home.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Yay! Praise the Lord.

JennyH said...

That is some serious cuteness!! I'm so glad about both boys being adopted, and Benji's BF. How cool that they will be close to you!

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