Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Best Gift-Drum roll please .....

You know what they say - " it's better to give than to receive "
I believe that's true .
What about giving a gift that keeps on giving ?
That's pretty cool too right ?
How about putting others before yourself ? Great rule to live by.

And one of my favorites is the plan to  "Live your life storing up Godly treasure Not Worldly treasures ." another important lesson to live by.
(I have a point I promise :)

Meet Sweet Baby Anna -

Today is her birthday . She is turning 3.
She lives in an orphanage in Europe. Do you think anyone is bringing her a little cake or a cute little hat? Maybe a soft teddy bear ? Most likely not. It will be like every other day. Day in and Day out.
Her birthmother is very young and adores her. But she can't care for her :( why ? Because Anna has Down syndrome . Her mom will lose her apartment ,her job and maybe some friends and family . She most likely will not get married . Her society will punish her because she loves her child with special needs.So Anna is alone . In an orphanage for another year , then she will be sent to a mental institution. But for now her birth mom prays and begs everyone to find her baby a home. Someone to take her out of this place and love her. Cherish her. Like she does a few days a month when she visits Anna. You see her birthmom loves her and is standing by trying to do the right thing for her baby .She is trying hard to give her the gift of a life.

What would Anna and her birthmom like MOST for Annas 3rd birthday ?
A loving forever family ! A chance at a wonderful life.
Guess what ??

They are going to get their wish !!!

Baby Anna will be our daughter !!

We saw the desperate need . We heard the cries. We are willing to work hard , pray harder and make it happen.
Because NO child should live and die in an orphanage.

We know it will be a bit tricky to do this all over again so quickly . But we have to. Saving another life and giving peace to Anna's birth mom is  worth it .Having another beautiful daughter is worth it ! And oh my !! The gifts we receive in love and joy - so worth it !
Making Jesus smile by saving his children? Yup. SO worth it.

Can you help us celebrate Annas birthday today? Can you make A donation to her grant fund for her birthday to help us bring her home quickly ?? thank you all !! xoxo
Click here to peek at our bio :) and donate a gift to baby Anna .
Hugs !!!


KSL64 said...

I had seen someone post under your Christmas post about Anna so I have to admit I was wondering... She's beautiful. God is so working through you. I can't wait to follow your journey to Anna. Congratulations!

Kristi J said...

NO WAY.....OH MY GOSH...i'm so happy and excited for you all...WOW...congrats...what an adorable little her story and can't wait to see her home with you'm just stunned...didn't see that coming :) kristi

Emi said...

I'm so happy for you and for baby Anna! You are so blessed to bring her home! I have been praying for her since I read about her bio mom in another blog. It just broke my heart to know that she loves her daughter so much but she can't take care of her. I will be praying for her, may God give her peace.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl -- I hope she will be in your arms soon!


Looking Up said...

I was proud to have your little girl's picture on my Christmas tree this year. Ever since I read her bio several months ago, I have been praying for her to find her forever family. So thankful that this will be her last birthday spent in an orphanage. God bless you!

Sylvia said...

I saw Anna on the RR listing and was touched by the story of her birth mum's care and my heart was touched by that gorgeous little face. I began to pray for a family for her and within just a few days there you were! Congratulations - I'll keep praying that it will all go well and that Anna will have her permanent family sooner rather than later.

Googsmom said...

Awwww sweet, beautiful Anna. Happy Birthday!!!

Tisha said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your newest daughter and prayers that she is home soon! What wonderful news to share!

The Mac's House said...

Consider it done, you know how I feel about this little girl.

So glad to see you make the formal announcement.


The Sanchez Family said...


Zoey's mom said...

Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and tell you how absolutely thrilled and beyond ecstatic I am for your family.For Anna.

When I first saw Anna on The Sanchez family's blog so long ago,I cried and I knew I needed to find out if we could bring her home.Sadly,after contacting Andrea,we found out that my husband age was barely going to make the cut and to make it work,was going to be so very difficult and in the end,possibly unfair to Anna if we needed to back out.Andrea said there were many families inquiring but as time passed and we saw she wasn't committed to,I wondered,would she ever get her forever family?

Then news through the grapevine came that she was possibly going to find her way to a family ... and here you are!Simply amazing!My heart is happy and filled with joy and I look so forward to following your journey as you bring your beautiful girl home!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW!!!!! OK I am sooo EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is seriously bursting!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISING GOD!!!!!!!!! We totally have to get together..... :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello, we are a large family, made larger by adoption : )our little one, Ana, adoption was finalized on Dec. 12th. tried to get your email but would not let me for some reason..would love to discuss international adoption with you..our adoptions have all been domestic..all special needs. my email is we live in florida 2 ; )would love to talk sometime : ) God bless and Happy Birthday Anna

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Anna! As I posted earlier, she's been in my heart for a long time - so happy to see your formal announcement and can not wait to see her HOME where she belongs!

Erin said...

Saw Anna on RR and am SO GLAD she has a new home!

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