Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

H. Pylori :( and Tick bites, Families Needed !

H. Pylori bacteria :( this is the  medication I have been giving to the 3 little kids for about 5 weeks now. 2 times a day. Its a joy. Taiya is very tricky , because if she gets a taste of 2 of the medications she quickly spits the whole mess out :( then we have to try again. So I try to disguise it in applesauce or yogurt with some sugar on top :) To read about the H.Pylori joy click here  we still have another 3 weeks worth of meds to go....

This is exactly what I needed. I found a nasty DEER TICK on my side 2 weeks ago. We live in the country but I have never seen  a Deer tick  around here before.  It was not the normal passive brown tick...this little sucker was not going to be removed! He was digging into my side and it hurt! After removing it, it throbbed and by day can see the inflammation and infection setting in. I felt icky too :( A few folks said "no big deal don't worry" and many others said "get to a Dr" so After trusting myself, and calling the Dr...I went to a walk in clinic.
The Dr there said  Lyme disease risks aside- I clearly had Cellulitis starting ! That explained why it looked so infected and I felt like I had a fever starting :( so I opted for the 2 weeks of antibiotics . Sheesh! never a dull moment ;)

Taiya has her apt for her thyroid issues next Monday. Fingers crossed they find a solution easily for our little one.


 This little boy is Preston. He is 4 years old and at GREAT RISK of being moved to an institution for disabled children :( He has CP most likely. Sadly his picture doesn't show any of his personality..but his mama has to be able to look PAST his bad picture and save him. My Giana loves this little guy and is having a bake sale this weekend to try to raise money for his grant and her plane ticket to Baby Anna's country with us.  :):)
OK. This is Lauren :):) She will turn 4 in March. I love this little beauty! She is in Baby Anna's baby house and she is HIV +  
I  would LOVE to scoop her up ! She will make a beautiful daughter :):) Is she your little girl??
This little cherub is Ilya :) his birthday is June 2006 :) what a sweet little face he has ! He has Down syndrome and needs his mama so bad !!! He also has a nice size grant and single moms are welcome!

Go to  to find out more about these little cuties !

Thank you to everyone who has donated or purchased a dress :) We are only about $200 away from our goal to cover our USCIS FEES!  Don't forget you don't have to buy a dress, you can purchase just socks or a doll dress with free shipping !! Every $1 is a blessing.

I have an surprise too !! We have decided on Baby Anna's  new name :) Its coming next...... any guesses ??
Hugs !!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said... guesses.

EWWWWWWW......praying for you as you administer all that fun??? YIKES!!!!

Can't wait to be closer :) only 3 more weeks.

I totally want to take some more kiddos if we could just get past uscis????? :(

Gretchen Thibault said...

GRETCHEN!!!!!! Thank you Maria....I feel so honored! You rock!

Okay, we see infectious disease doctor on Friday. The GI doctor said that he is going to want us to all (that would be 10 of us!) go on the treatment. Will see. That is 40 (yes 40!!!!) vial of meds on my counter. I will need a whole new class of medications after I do that!

Oh boy.

Again, thank you for choosing the name Gretchen! Gaby won't mind, right Gaby?! :-)

travcat said...

I think Catherine is a good name, or what about Catherine Gretchen?

Tell us!!!!!


Leah and Tony Beasley said...

I had no idea that your kids had HPylori. I have it, and my younger daughter Emma has it. The Dr's think that we got it from the Ukraine! Did your Dr tell you much about it, because mine did not. I do know that mine got worse and turned to Barre'ts disease, which now I have to be tested for Cancer. If you know any info on Hpylori please let me know, Thanks, Leah

gaby said...

Ok Auntie Gretchen.... How about Gabriella-Maria as first name & Gretchen as middle name? I think it has a nice ring to it & rolls easily off the tongue... heehee

Looking Up said...

Hope that you all are well soon!

Kendra said...

I totally missed the name guessing contest. But how silly of both of you, Gretchen and Gaby. Her name will be Kendra Maria. said...

I actually think that Bianca Maria goes really well with your other kids names. ;)

My sister's name is Gianna Maria, too!

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