Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, July 3, 2009


BEAT THE DRUM check it out on amazon this is the dvd description ~

"A young, orphaned boy sets out for the big city to find his uncle after a mysterious illness strikes his village. Driven by his determination to survive and his growing social awareness, he finds a way to make an honest living and returns to his village with a truth and understanding his elders have failed to grasp. An emotional and timely drama reminding us how one small voice can be the brave start of colossal change –uniting a village, a township, and even a nation. "
This movie has won 30 international awards and the scenery is just beautiful! It takes place is south Africa. If you have read the book 28 -STORIES OF AIDS IN AFRICA ,which is about the HIV/AIDS crisis in all of Africa you will see so many of the points in this movie. So much of the AIDS crisis is preventable....The little boy was so sweet and strong, with a will to survive which I think reflects our children from Ethiopia. He travels down from his village into the big city after his father dies and the village elder leads his grandmother to do something she didnt want to , and he is crushed (i dont want to give it away so I'm being vague). He finds answers that all the adults around him refuse to see. In the end his desire to survive and be happy and loved is beautiful. It reminds me of all the older children who have been orphaned & ache to find love and security after tragedy. A must see I think :) The only icky part is a short animal sacrifice scene, which I dont think is graphic, but honestly I walked away because I cant handle that stuff. if you want to borrow my copy & I know you a bit, send me an email, and I will send it off to you if you promise to send it back ;)

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Alexandra said...

that looks interesting...i will have to see if they offer it on netflix...

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