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Family 2013
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Post Placement Cuteness !!

Hiding under her blankie with the binky

Oh how I love this sweet child :) ~we are in the process of weaning the "binky" :( we have gotten it down to only bedtimes but lately she is sneaking off and hiding under tables or behind the couch w/ them ...

Oh my !! How beautiful is this little face ?

What a sweet spirit this child has. I am so blessed to be her Mama.

judging from these pictures I found when I down loaded
CLEARYLY I'm the big "Wow wow wubbzy" fan :) :)

~We had a long night girl and Bug are both feeling yucky. Baby girl threw up 4 times in an hour then (so far) not again. Hate hate it when a baby is sick :( Bug was on my bed most of the day with a tummy ache and Boo was cranky, so she isnt feeling good. Prayers that this cootie ends tonight and everyone is happy in the morning would be sooooo wonderful :)

~We had our first post-placement visit with our social worker last night. It went so wonderful. We love our sw. She handled our adoption homestudy for Boo from Guatemala and now Baby girls adoption. For those who dont know, Ethiopia requires a post placement report to be done by a sw at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months home. After that parents are required to send a report yearly, until the child reaches 18. Our agency also required a deposit that will be refunded after the first year of reports are done. I dont mind and actually think the reports are a wonderful idea. Countries deserve to know their children they have trusted to adopting families are doing well. It shows that adoption works :)
~Our sw was so thrilled to meet baby girl and agreed she is just beautiful :) Baby girl showed off by being extra cute an smiley and standing up whenever she had the chance :) She said all the kids she has met from Ethiopia have adjusted so well and are just so happy. I have to agree :)
~I watched an awesome movie tonite about Africa and the HIV/aids crisis. It was really a beautiful movie, I'll share about it tomorrow.


Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, I am soooo sorry that you have the tummy bug in your household. It is so incredibly hard to see your children sick. Sending many prayers that you are all feeling well soon. Congrats on your first postop visit!

Lisa said...

ha ha. I think its sweet and funny that she hides and sucks the pacifier.

Lisadiana said...

That is great news from the SW! Sorry to hear that the girls are sick.

I look forward to hearing about the movie on Africa.

Renee said...

You just had your 1st postplacement visit?? Ours was may 20th. oh BTW i think Noah has a crush on tati..she makes him smile and clap

Mandy said...

Oh - go away cooties!!! I hope they are feeling better soon!

Alexandra said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!

reaping joy said...

Can you believe it's been 3 months already??? I couldn't believe it when I saw your post - Time sure flies!! Your girls are just so beautiful, each in their own special way :-)

(I believe I also was part of the "hide & suck" club LOL)

Have a great weekend!

Paul and Angela said...

Oh my gosh, your children just get cutter and cuter!

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