Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Get away pictures and dr appts~

Baby girl always finds a reason to
smile :)

This is how we roll ~Baby girl and
Cookie share the stroller when we walk :)

Cuteness pure and simple :)

A bit of mama lovin on her baby boy
(ignore the fact that we are melting..)

I turned to find Boo just hanging on Peanut
and giving him some love. Oh..makes a mama

My cheeky baby ;)

The kids LOVE camping & hanging on the dock. Really it is just simple, good family time. Pefect in this crazy world of ours.

~My normally sweet Boo has been going thru ....something. Something NOT fun. I pray it is a stage, short lived. Maybe being 3 is scarier then being 2 ..gulp !!!
~The spot on my arm turned out to most likely be OK. BUT the beauty mark (sounds better then mole..) on my tummy needs to be looked into further so I'm waiting for the referral.
~I took Baby girl back to the Dr again for her breathing issues which now sound more like a snore in and out. She is happy and smiling and doesn't appear sick, but at times the sound is quite loud and I don't know if it is causing her any under lying issues. (Heck its been going on since we met in Ethiopia so I am ready to have it diagnosed correctly! ) My ped agreed to send her to a specialist. FINALLY. We are going to see a Pulmonologist. Prayers he is able to hit the nail on the head :) :) :)
~Last but not least...we are taking a loooong hard look at our finances and our debts. We are so ready to live debt free. If you have used Dave Ramsey's books or cds what did you think? So far my dh is really liking what he is hearing.
Have a wonderful weekend !


Rhonda said...

Ahhhh, those pictures are so priceless and your kiddo's are so darnable cute!!!

Praying that the spot on your tummy turns out to be just a "spot"!

Rhonda said...

That is great that you are going to see a pulmonologist. We see one on Tue. for Katie's chronic cases of pneumonia. Hope you get some answers.

Oh we can so relate to the almost "three" behaviors and are we ever in "melt down" drama at times!

Happy weekend.

Lisa said...

Shouldn't the dog be walking? Lazy puppy! Should have gone for the double stroller. Hope boo gets better soon. We all go through difficult stages I guess at some point.

reaping joy said...

Your kids are just all so beautiful! I love looking at your pics :-)

I can relate to the 3 year old stuff. Although, I'm sure, comparatively, many people would argue that Elyssa is never....ummm...less than wonderful ;-) She does have some moments that just blow me away. It seems to really go in spurts & thankfully none last very long (usually a few days), but I'm always thinking "where has my sweet little girl gone??" during that time.

We have done the Dave Ramsey stuff here. We liked it (although it is really tough when you get started until your system gets set up) I would love to be debt free, but we pretty much had to throw all that out the window since not having steady work for the last 11 months. I do think it's a great system, that really helps focus your money efforts. Good luck with it!


Tisha said...

Oh my word, your kids are just so adorable!! I am sure you get stopped all the time. :)

We have used Dave Ramsey stuff loosely. I think it is a wonderful program and we were debt free before the adoption...sigh!

Paul and DeeDee said...

We absolutely love Dave Ramsey. It is really hard but that was the only way we were able to adopt Olivia!

Alleen said...

They are all so very cute!!!!!

Hope you get answers for baby girl's breathing.

Dan and Tara said...

We love the Dave Ramsey financial peace. It has brought ease and comfort into our household. We are not debt free yet, but working on it. Also, it is the only way my husband and I could adopt on our meager earnings. We are fundraising and doing numerous other things because we are determined that this adoption is going to leave us debt free (or at least without another new debt). I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Mandy said...

Tony and I have always experienced the terrible 3's with our kids instead of the terrible 2's. Hopefully, it's a phase.
We have friends that tell everyone they have to do Dave Ramsay. They have a incredible story of getting rig of a huge debt in a really short time on a small income. Hope it works for you guys!

Staci and Damon said...

I just found your blog, and my husband and I are currently looking into agencies for an Ethiopian adoption. I'm excited to read your experience with the process!!

I hope you are able to figure out your little girl's breathing issue. It's tough when you can't get answers, but I pray the pulmonologist is able to help.

I just want to say that Dave Ramsey is awesome!! We took the classes at a local church & are now debt free except for our home. We were able to pay for a $42,000 Ukrainian adoption without incurring any debt (this was absolutely an answer to prayer)! It is a lifestyle change, but worth the effort. We are saving so much money each month that I wonder how we're able to have money to do anything. It does make me sad to see how much we're wasted in the past...

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