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Family 2013
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayer Warriors Needed !

I had asked everyone to please keep a sweet little boy, Vincent in your prayers a few months back. Well..more then ever we need every pray and positive vibe sent his way. I know so many of you truly believe in the power of joined prayers , so please will you help ?? I have copied this text from my dear friend Angie's update on our Guatemalan adoption board. Vincent has a sister born in Guatemala and the family lost a young daughter...they can not lose their son!! There isnt much I could add...a MIRACLE IS TRULY NEEDED.

From Angie ~
***you may remember i posted awhile back about Jennifer's son Vincent in need ofprayers, as he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer calledrhabdomyosarcoma... it is a soft tissue cancer and V had tumors in manylocations on his body (legs, pelvis, spine), with the tumor of origin being inhis calf. he has been doing amazingly well through the 1st 7 rounds of chemo &was due to go in last Friday for round 8, but his blood counts were not goodenough - those got up on Monday good enough to start chemo this week, but hewas/is having this horrible pain in his legs - they thought it could be due tothe raditation (which, yes, he is now simultaneously undergoing) or the virusthat he had last week that wiped him out (he was very ill for several days).when they went in Wednesday morning to start round 8, the drs decided to do somescans before they started to try to get an answer on this continuing very badpain in both legs - since it seemed like it should be just in one if it was fromthe radiation (they are only radiating the tumor of origin in the one leg) andif it was from the virus that should have passed by now...well... it is with a heavy heart that i must share that the news was not good.the cancer has spread to Vincent's brain and the prognosis, which was alreadyvery slim (10-15%) is now very difficult to bear... as Jennifer's latest messagewas titled "in desperate need of a miracle"they are keeping faith-focused and I just humbly ask, PLEASE that everyone say aprayer and share with anyone and everyone & ask them to pray and add VincentVillacci to every single prayer list that you know of and ask God to grant thismiracle for this family that has already lost one child...i can't remember if you have to be "added" or you have to create an passwordaccount to get in, or how it words, but, here is Vincent's care page if you are able to access...


gaby said...

I can't even put words together right now... I will send all the positive thoughts & prayers I possibly can.. Shame on me for wasting energy over petty things...
God bless V and his family. I will pass this along!

did you link this w/facebook?

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The Hill Family said...

thanks for posting on your blog and thanks in advance to everyone for praying!

Rhonda said...

I just read this news on another blog and am so incredibly sad. Saying many prayers for their family and this special little boy.

"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
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