Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


If kids do not get healthy at my house VERY soon and stop whining.....

I may just jump out the window.
(ok. It is a first floor house, so climbin out the window will be the most dangerous part...then flinging myself in the bushes will be just wierd. I may do it anyway)




gaby said...

Haha! I'd like to see you climb out of the bushes!! IS that why Michael cleared out the front bushes?? Tired of pulling you out of them?? :) ly

aamayna said...

Oh no, hope they start feeling better soon!!! IF you get a chance, shoot me a note/ fb on what ET agency you used.

The Hill Family said...

ok, before i type my comment, lest i forget (which you KNOW doesn't take much for us anymore... :rolleyes...) i just have to say HOW WILD that my "word verification" for posting this comment is "maria"!?!? that is just crazy cool :)

ok... you KNOW i'll be praying for health - i have been the hand washing, elbow catching, use kleenex instead of your finger militia around here! i am SOOOOO trying to have better health around here than we had last winter!

i hope they are all in bed & you are enjoying your bottle - oops i mean glass of wine ;) :p
tee hee

Renee said...

ohh if only we lived closer i'd join you for some wine..or something stronger..i'm not much of a drinker but there is only so much a momma can take.

Mandy said...

That's hilarious - jumping into the bushes. :)
I know that sick kiddos thing is tough! We've been bathing in Purell around here.

Paul and Angela said...

Yes, I'd love the link. Hope your kids get well soon!

Alexandra said...

wine is a MUST!

Lisadiana said...

when you get them to stop whining please send those instructions over my way!

Rhonda said...

yes, need the "stop whining" directions my way tooooo!!! LOL Get well friend and enjoy that glass of wine!!!

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