Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More pictures, ER visit and friends :)

I have to say one of the BEST side effect of adoption, is the amazing friends you make along the way. Not just fly by friends although there are some that are in your life for a brief amount of time but also friends that you really bond with and who care about your life , your kids and your journeys. These friends really get who you are :) These friends rejoice when you move forward and are sad with you when your "process" hits a snag.They know what a dossier is and HOW to say it ;) They totally get why you would travel across oceans, to foreign countries to adopt another child. Even a child (or 2) that have special needs. Even a child who has lived all their life in an institutional orphanage system. They understand why you would adopt another child when you were only planning on 1. They understand adoption isn't to make us feel good, its about bringing glory to God  and giving a child a family. They understand the amazing amount of prayers that were offered for clarity and the courage to step out and say YES -to save this child the serious emotional damage and suffering that being transferred to a mental institution for older boys , would have caused this sweet loving little boy. Even if for only a few months , his ready smile and quick hugs likely would have been gone. His heart would have been broken and he would have lost his trust. We couldn't let that happen. And man are we the lucky ones :)
I want to thank ALL of you out there who have prayed for us, followed our journeys, and supported our adoption efforts, called me when Taya was in the hospital ;) Text'd me to be sure we were OK,emailed me to check in, keep up with me and all my pictures on FB ;) and sent sweet gifts and an amazing car seat :)And all of you who have felt led to donate to Reece's Rainbow to help another child find a home-you rock ! Just reading my blog lets me know you all "get it" and that means so much.  And all of you who have felt led to donate $5 to Tisha's blog to help off set the costs of diapers, goats milk, formula and pull ups :) Truly you all  are the BEST.
OK enough mush ;)

 Taya the first night home sleeping next to my bed. Bug actually slept with her down there :)
 Had to take my sweet baby to the ER shortly after we were home. She was constipated again and her tummy was super bloated. Some sweet friends on FB shared with me their concerns for her large tummy.and after consulting with Kendra :) I called the Dr who wanted her to go to the ER. After 3 xrays and a bit of "cleaning out" they ruled out a blockage but said she is major backed up :( so we made an appt for the GI Dr (last post)
 My sweet baby's thumb :( Her tummy was hurting her so much she was chewing/sucking it raw!  It is almost cleared up now :) If she doesn't go potty after 3 days , a gentle glycerin supp. was prescribed while we try to find out whats going on. She is on miralax , 1/2 a cap in 4oz of bottle  2 times  a day but still she doesn't go often.
 swollen tummy. It was wider then her hips. and tight like a balloon.
 Bathing beauties :) Our house doesn't have a tub, weird with 3 bathrooms right? So to keep taya safe I put her in a laundry basket. Tried a baby tub but she tries to inhale the water! This way very little water is in with her.

Just a cutie :) LOVE her in headbands and bows but dang it  she pulls them out if she knows I put it in. So it is a mission of secrecy and distraction to get it in there. I know, she doesn't NEED THE BOW, but ....
I do ! LOL.

Cardiologist appointment for both Benji and Taya 11/18 :) pray they are OK. Dr thinks Taya has a murmur, and Benji's Dr report in EE, stated he had a heart condition so we will see.

Taya goes for her b. enema procedure 12/1  I am praying the blood work comes back and shows something that will allow us to avoid this , but if we have to I know it will be to help her. And I just want her tummy to feel better :)

oh and BTW  TAYA IS CRAWLING ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM NOW ~!!!!!!!~ SO proud of my girl :):) Yup at 4 1/2 she is crawling :):) smart girl!



Debbie said...

It is absolutely amazing and wonderful what a little love, time and attention does for our children. And it certainly does a momma's heart good to see the changes in such a short period of time, doesn't it?!

Love the updates!!! The kids look great and so happy!!!!

Lisa said...

I love that shower/bathtub photo. Hilarious the four of them in there and with the laundry basket.

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Maria ~ I just read your last few posts and I am totally astonished with Taya's health crisis. I am SO glad that they made you get off that plane! As a former Peds nurse, I can tell you that she was very near death. A bacterial infection = Sepsis and that is bad. I followed that ordeal on FB and I Prayed many, many times for Taya and you and your Hubby and B. It's wonderful to read that they are getting to the bottom (literally ; )) of Taya's health issues. The Barium enema won't be fun, but it's much easier on little ones and if they are testing her for Celiac Disease, then she will receive some sedation. I have CD myself. Once they make a diagnosis, she will just take off in her growth and development! Actually, I just saw on FB that she's playing with your pots & pans, so she's already starting to blossom.
I will continue to Pray for all of your family. You have the cutest kiddo's, by the way!! I look forward to watching Taya and Benji grow in the love and care of their new FAMILY!! :D ~ Jo

Shea said...

I know I never post comments, but I have read your blog for a while. God Bless you and I am so glad you are home with your babies.

Kristi J said...

wow, know i'm praying for you ALL!! those babes are all the bow of course..i totally feel your pain on that one...:) kj

Kelly said...

It was so great to hear a catch up on your crew!! What a fabulous momma you are to each and every one of your babies! You really are an inspiration and I always look forward to checking your blog!!

Jess said...

Love the basket in the shower ;) may steal it at my moms house. Love you and when we are done being germy over here I have got to come see your house, and you mine!! Praying for your babies appointments it is stressful to wait sometimes. :(.

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