Family 2013

Family 2013
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great news! OUR BOY!!

After I posted , I received several new pictures of our son! Folks who have traveled or are traveling now. What a blessing. 
It does hurt a bit to see how thin he is and in some pictures he looks so sad :( but in a few we can see his smile! AND a family who is there now, has been a HUGE blessing to him. They are showing him pictures of HIS family and bringing him yummy fruit. Just loving on him. SO. AWESOME. (Thank you Bonnie!)
Our dossier is over there. So we wait to hear. In the meantime we are planning a BIG blog fundraiser !  We are joining forces with the HOUSE family who is also going back with us to adopt a little one Kory on RR, who they met last year while adopting 2 little ones with Down syndrome like us :) There sweet Gabe was Taiya's crib mate! AND their Levi moved into Benji's room when we brought him home! Another connection? 
~WE ARE NEIGHBORS! Our kids will all grow up together! 
~We will have 6 little Ukrainian beauties all from the SAME orphanage , living 5 minutes apart :)
~ GOD is good!!
 So this  fundraiser will help 2 boys come home!
2 families pay the final ransom to their children.
 Both our families have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to save every penny for our boys. We are so close!
This is our childs RR page click here for Phillip (his Reeces Rainbow name)
This is Lindy and Guy House's little one Kole , Kory on RR click here.
The amazing way God has woven our families 2 stories is truly amazing. I still get goose bumps when I share :)

This picture was taken around November of 2011

This picture was taken in January 2012 He is in the middle front.

These 2 photos were taken this week. He has a boo-boo
on his head with blue medicine. 
He is SO thin. 

Benji says 
'Hang in there buddy! Mama and Papa and Gigi are coming :)'



Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for Sasha and you!!!

IMPORTANT: The link to Sasha's RR page does currently not work!

Anonymous said...

IMPORTANT: The link to Sasha's RR page does currently not work!

Maria and Family said...

Thank you ! Fixed the linky

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