Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mud babies, Piggie babies and an Ipad!

SO proud of my little Ethiopian Princess had her first dentist appointment this week! At only 3 1/2 years old she was a CHAMP! Cute little teeth and no cavities. Very brave girl :)

We are still waiting to hear if we can submit our Dossier. You have to submit a paper asking to "skip the line" if you have a special needs child you adopting. Then the government will  give you permission to submit your Dossier. That's where we are now. Waiting...

We spend almost everyday outside most of the day around here. I have some serious nature lovers ;)  With the Florida heat comes LOTS of water play. And dirt.  I am quite sure the nannies at the orphanage would be freaking out if they saw my little mud babies :)

They are so darn happy when they are playing I just wince and look away ;) as long as they aren't sticky -I am HAPPY!

We have new baby Pot belly pigs!!!! 

 Our mama pig Clara-Bell had 9 babies! Gasp! Yes that's a lot of babies. Sadly we lost a few to pneumonia, and several more to natural causes. We are left now with 3 :) one little one is being hand fed by my dear friend because, well she is awesome at it and I truly dont have the time to care for the wee one . Its has been both amazing and sad caring for these cuties. Hate to see them pass away. 

 What is more amazing then new born baby animals? My littles are so in love with these teeny babies!
These 2 little one are thriving now. They were out  for a walk with mama :) 

We will be starting our fundraiser VERY SOON! Do you wish you had an Ipad? A kindle Fire? Maybe a boutique dress for your little ones? OR maybe COACH is your thing? We will have EACH of these items plus many more!! SO MANY generous donors have stepped up to help THE HOUSE family and our family raise the last of our ransoms to bring home our beautiful boys :):)

Stay tuned :)


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