Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 1- Finding and meeting our boy !

*The heat and the smog have really taken a toll on me. This is an industrial city with many steel plants. With the heat high, and no rain the smog just sit in the air. Really hard on your head and sinuses. Disclaimer over :)

 The journey has taken a complete left hand turn at each corner.not one thing is as expected. We traveled 1 1/2 hours to his orphanage.after a 8 hours in a sleeper train.
 :/ Only to b told to go to the social workers office. Another 30 mins and 2 offices later we find it. They aren't there! And its a teeny tiny town. No real addresses. We go to the orphanage anyway again now over 2 hours in the car in 96 degrees w NO air hoping they will take pity on us and let us meet Sasha anyway,  only to find out he's not there!! Its empty! Kids are away at 'camp" but they don't kn which one he's at. The SDA knew this and didnt tell us yesterday. We sit for another 30 mins. The Asst Director is a very nice lady and feels badly for us.  Did I mention it is 98 degrees and NO AC anywhere?! We are soaked thru. Sitting talking and everyone is wiping dripping sweat off their faces. It is tough. I dont know how they do this all summer. I feel for these people.
 Finally they find him. At a camp that is actually an orphanage for mentally delayed , mentally retarded, and brain issue kids ;( and its another 1 1/2 hours away from where we are in a teenier tiny farm town. Like cows on the road, not a person or car for miles.Other than the people who live way out here.  Just miles of wheat and sunflowers and smelly smog if you get behind giant trucks. We are drenched in sweat, mentally exhausted and have headaches from the smog. The drive is beautiful but brutal. Finally we find it. There is no where in this teeny town to stay. Forget pee ;) Only little tiny houses. We get there and He is napping. :/
Finally they bring him out. He has a shy sweet smile.Very shy.  Bone thin. Weird tick thing w his hand, very delayed from 2 years ago. Speaks his own language (jibberish) but repeats mama and papa and Renat . Seems sweet and easy going. Does get nervous... then bites his hand. Oh sweet boy.....
He will b in this "camp" (its SO not a camp, its a big empty orphanage w about 15 kids) all summer.way way out in the country. Nothing like making it easy on families :/ They wont move him back. We have to stay in zap. 11/2 hours away. The drive today cost us $175 . Just to drive.  I'm just a bit shell shocked today...
Why is this all going in a complete different direction? What has happened to our happy little boy? Why do they treat kids like this? Like forgotten waste? To hide?
prayers are appreciated.
 Waiting outside the social workers office. Trying to find a breeze...
 Finally! After 2 years -here is our boy!!!

 The cows we had to stop and let cross the roads.
 Leaning against Papa looking at the tablet. He was very stiff, and shy :(
 Little Babuska crossing the street.
 This the tiny country road we finally reach after 90 mins driving, to get to the "camp" orphanage where our little guy is staying for the summer. It is very. rural.
 Fields of cows just roaming around.
The back view of the "camp" this is beautiful hilly  countryside. Just stunned how far away he is, and how much $ it is going to cost everyday to see him. Adoption is never easy. But it is so worth it.

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yuliya2m said...

Hi and good luck at finding your boy! $175 is way too high for ZAP?! if you want i may be able to help you with the ride for less (my dad lives in ZAP). Try to contact "Happy Child" Albert Pavlov and maybe he can help you find a much cheaper ride. Just explain that you are here adopting (he knows your son)and hopefully they'll be able to at least help you.

Albert's number is +38(050)452-03-92. You can also email me if you need any help

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