Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too much reality for a child to handle

2010 baby house group

This picture was taken in 2010. You can see our Benji with Sasha in the front middle. 6 children in this picture are here, at this "camp" orphanage way out in the middle of no where. They were all transferred here. They are considered special needs children. They are delayed. They are hidden. They are all perfectly and wonderfully made by God. They are all a joy. Slowly look at this picture. They scroll down and match up each child. All 6. Do you see the changes? Can you see what transfer to school / institution for mentally delayed kids does to their little souls? Can you even imagine? 
Our little guy now. SO tiny and thin. He smiles shyly then looks away quickly. He would rather play away from everyone and just watch. His world has changed so much in 2 years.
Here is "A"  She is samantha on reeces She is available for adoption. She is very small and shy. But lights up when we interact with her. I think she may be very near/far  sighted too, she walks slowly up the stairs and seem to feel for each step. Glasses would make her life so much easier and more pleasant. Such a little thing. She loves to sit on my lap quietly and just be with me. She would bloom with the love and protection of a family all her own. She does have a younger sister who I have not seen here. I have no idea if they can be separated. Her sister is in the top picture on the way right. Samantha is on the way left with pigtails.
Little blue eyed baby :) This child brings out the protective mama in me. She is in the top photo back row, in front of my husband. What a change. This little one is so alone in the world. She will take her little duck toy and rock or swing it all by herself. She never asks for a hug just stands quietly behind us. She does not expect anyone to care about her :( When we pick her up she melts into a hug trying to feel every bit of our warmth . She needs a mama to love her. She will go to a mental institution the next time they decide to move her. She truly has no chance here :(
This is little water boy. He is on the back row, with the dot on his head. He is tiny and thin and appears dehydrated. His skin is tight. He grabbed my water bottle with such fury and starting gulping SO fast even his little friend was stunned. I couldn't bare to take it from him. He gulped then ran behind a tree with the water and just hugged the bottle to his chest. Like a scared little bird. Just grab and run. He is bone thin and seems to be a bit autistic. Could be institutional which he would heal from slowly with a family and therapy. His reality is heart breaking . He just seems so frightened.
Do you see the light has gone out of sweet "V" ? He is in the red shirt on the back row in the top pictures.  Now he teeth are all rotten. He is bone thin. Most days he walks around bare foot , in thread bare clothes. He is gentle! He loves to give a thumbs up :) When he stands next to me he pets my hair or rubs my arms slowly . He asks if I am "v"'s mama? I say no, I am Sasha's mama while pointing to our little guy. He accepts it but I know it breaks his heart. He deserves to be picked! He deserves a family!! He is AVAILABLE for adoption!! Just ask me for info! AND  he is smart! He wants to learn. He loves trying to write with me and do puzzles. He tells me his name over and over hoping maybe that I wont forget him. That I will find him a Mama. That he will be worthy. That some nice lady with be "V"'s mama. Finally.
Oh blue eyed baby girl :) We love this little girl!
Sweet V and me :)
Here are the 3 musketeers ! These little boys are good friends.  V is in the middle and little long eye lash boy is on the right. BOTH kids were in Benji's baby house. They boy on the right is in the peach shirt in the top picture!
Long eye lash boy :) He has beautiful eyes and a smile that lights up his whole face! I think he has mild cerebral palsy. He gets around fine, but his left foot turns in a bit and his leg seem a bit weaker. He claps and smiles so sweetly when you give him a treat or push him on the swing. Little things make his day :) He used to have glasses :( He is tiny and thin. I know he would make a wonderful son. I hope to find out if he is free for adoption. I would love to see this gentle soul in a family before his innocent joy is stolen away.
This little one melts into me each time I pick her up. Blue eyed baby girl. She is very quiet, like a little mouse who never really expects you to see HER.  She stands back with her little hand out when I pass out treats, never expecting me to actually giver HER one. And when I do? She smiles so sweetly and then ...puts the treat TO MY MOUTH. This baby who has nothing to call her own, is willing to share her tiny treat with me, give me the first bite . I am not worthy of the pure love and trusting this child gives. I just hug her and I want to protect her from her harsh reality. All. Alone. No one. To turn to. Can you even imagine? What if this was your reality? YOUR child's reality? So scary... She deserves a family. She deserves to be loved!
Finally ending with this sweet face. A REAL smile. He is like a little onion and each visit we are slowly peeling away layers of hurt and neglect. Each visit he is amazing us with his desire to connect to us and be loved :) Our little guy is in there. He is happy to come out , much sooner then we ever expected! He actually ASKED to be picked up over and over again on our last visit! AND he was cheeky and stuck out his tongue then giggled at us :):) It is amazing to me how much hurt and neglect these kids suffer but they are SO resilient and SO trusting. They want to be healed. They want to be loved. They are so worthy of this journey. They are worth every delay (which there has been many) Every disappointment. Every step in this journey. They need us . And we need them :)
Never apologize for making Jesus smile.  I believe with each orphan child rescued from a life of loneliness and neglect , Jesus does in fact smile :)


Anonymous said...

Just thinking....weren't you approved for two? Would it be possible for you to add blue-eyed girl to your adoption of Sasha? I realize it may not be possible, but wouldn't it be great if it is?

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for sharing these precious little ones with us!!! My heart leaped for joy when I saw an updated pic of "A" on RR! Then to find your blog and see her and her sister in that group pic just made my day. We are "Samantha & Christina's" Prayer Warriors and have been wondering how they are doing. Their picture has been up on our map for 2 yrs now. Oh how I wish we could make them a part of our family. We will be praying for each and every little blessing at that "camp." We will also continue to pray for your little man and your journey to make him a part of your family.
Ristow7 (WI)

Leah and Tony Beasley said...

I love what you are doing, how you are speding time with all these kids, and not just yours, letting them all feel love and getting bonding time with you. I also think it's good because you are helping them to find homes. We want to adopt again, but my husband want's to adopt a child with mild issues. Do any of the children there have mild medical issues?

Courtney Connelly said...

Is blue-eyed girl in the last photo of this post available for adoption? If so, do you have anymore information? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for advocating for these precious children - what wonderful sons and daughters they would make! Describing their personalities and including current photos - and comparing them with those taken just a year or so ago - speaks volumes.

While their situation is heart-breaking, I am thankful that these six little ones have been kept together - that provides a tiny bit of continuity with their transfer, at least, but oh, why must they be so neglected and forlorn? I hope some of those who are inquiring about them will prove to be their parents, or part of the pathway to their parents.

Thank you again.
Susan in Ky
Cousin to 2 from EE

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for these children! What is "blue eyed baby girl's" name on Reece's Rainbow? I'd like to donate to her adoption fund.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Derrick are any of these kids able to be adopted if so please email me at this email address

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