Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The cat is out of the bag

Well on Saturday we had our family visit with my inlaws and my mom. I had just made my blog page, so to share our news of our upcoming adoption with my inlaws, I just asked them if they wanted to see the new blog I had made. Of course they did :) Well my mother in law sat down and starting reading the title. When she read the next line "follow our journey to find our next child thru international adoption" she goes "NO! Yes? No! YES! YES!!" She was so happy! Then of course she started to cry :) I love her, she always shows her emotions. It was so nice to share our news with our parents from the beginning. I had shared our plans with my mom and my sister a couple days earlier and they were thrilled for us too. With Boo's adoption we kept things close to our chest so to speak, not really sure how things would play out since adopting was so new to us. We really didnt share until we had Boo's referral. Adopting from Guatemala can be very stressful. Rules seem to change daily :( PGN is awful. We had 2 Kos with Boo's file and it was really tough. I am SO looking forward to this adoption. I think Ethiopia is much more straight forward. So This time we plan to take everyone on the ride with us ! Hang on :)

Today was a new experience for me. My mother and father inlaw asked if they could take my son and daughter for the day to bake cookies and visit Great-Grandma who lives in an assisted living home close by them. Well actually my Bug BEGGED them to let her come over and teach Nana to bake and they finally relented LOL! I always have all my kids with me. Always. So having the whole day with just Boo and I was kinda quiet. Kinda nice quiet and kinda of "something is missing quiet" Boo and I went shopping and she took time to pick out a pretty necklace from my jewlery box and she signs "please" SO cute. She wanted to wear it. So of course I let her. She took really good care of it all day. It is almost 6...My babies will be home soon. I know they have had a blast hanging out with Nana and Pop-pa all day. Now Nana & Pop-pa are going to need a serious N-A-P !! I am baking homemade biscotti for them as a thank you. They love the biscotti. It smells sooooooo good :)

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