Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Try and try again..

What a day. It seemed like each thing I tried to do or should have been done did not work out ...I got up a bit early and planned to go to the lab to have some routine bloodwork done that requires fasting. I have been putting it off. My dr says I am his "suckiest patient when it comes to bloodwork". Should I be offended? :P Anyone who knows me knows, after I get up and brush my teeth the FIRST thing I do is go for my coffee! So heading to the lab on an empty tummy AND no coffee is NOT something I look forward to. SO since my dh M was off he kept Peanut and Bug and I took Boo with me. I planned to hit the lab then my Starbucks :) and my hair appt. Well the lab was packed. Cars parked on the street packed. So plan B was to come back by after my hair appt which now would be closer to 11am. After hitting Starbucks and torturing myself with the yummy smells while sharing some poundcake with Boo, I go back to the lab. STILL packed. I cant wait with a hungry, getting close to lunch toddler and a hungry NEED my coffee, getting cranky Mama. Soooo...I sip my coffee and just smile :) Tomorrow is another day to try...maybe :)

I stopped by the shoe store to get my kiddos new shoes for spring. It is easier without my little Diva with me. She LOVES her shoes and we could spend an hour with her trying on every pair ! I found Bug and Boo cute shoes then I picked out sandals and another pr for my son. Well he hates both pair. I tried :( so back they go tomorrow.

I called our adoption agency today to see if my sw's paperwork has made it in yet. It hasnt. Still. I flew thru my my Homestudy in 9 days but now have been idle for almost 2 weeks. I cant start my dossier for my agency without those papers. Since the Hague (boohiss) went in place Homestudy agencies have to sign a certain contract with each adoption agency they work with. My sw said she mailed them in last tuesday.....fingers crossed they show up soon. We have 10 hrs of adoption education we have to do this time too. I really want to get going on the dossier too. I am HOPING that all the mistakes I made on our Guatemala dossier will pay off, and help me to fly thru our Ethiopia dossier. Just the word "dossier" makes an adoptive parent quake. They are stressful. SO many papers to get and they all have to be perfect.The website for "assistant stork" is very helpful. I went back to it again and again last time. Oh, first mistake of this journey, I ordered my birth cert from the City of NY. Well after spending $90 they didnt stamp them. They do not have the raised seal that is required :( So now I have to do it again. Of course. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. My sister reminded me tonite that every delay we had with Boo's adoption lend us to her. She is OUR baby. I have never doubted God picked us for each other. No other baby would have been right. I have to remember that on this journey. I have to. Or I WIll lose my mind LOL !

Bug and Peanut had a ball hanging out with Nana and Pop pa and Great Grandma. The picture at the top is from yesterday. Bug and Great Grandma have a special bond. It is so sweet to see. I love when they can hang together.

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