Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bible, butt, what and pool

Got your attention huh? Those are Boo's 4 new words !! She doesnt say many words , still signs and has noises that I know ,but since she turned 2 she is trying to say more and more. She came up to me the other morning and poked my tush and said "butt" then laughed her head off !! I was so shocked and was laughing with her :) we really dont say "butt" too often , I usually say "tushy" or bottom.

The kids are in VBS this week and they both volunteered to be prayed for yesterday and the church gave them each a new bible. I was so proud of them :) They came home and of course we were reading them and talking about them. Boo goes to the bookcase and brings me a Bible and says "Bible" YAY !!! we all clapped for her :) So in just the last couple days she has added 4 words. Cool.

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Alleen said...

She's adorable!!!!

Gabriella is working so hard at her vocabulary. She's adding new words all the time and finally putting a couple together.

I made the mistake of teaching her boobie... ooooops. Everyone gets to hear all about it in the grocery store these days.

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