Family 2013

Family 2013
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Saturday, June 7, 2008


I hate cooties. I have this awful cootie that is causing me to have many very unattractive coughing/hacking/eyes tearing fits. My husband says I cough like a bull frog. It is really not fun. I had a drs appt for friday, but felt so much better I cancelled it. You know being a mommy we dont really have time for dr appts for US. Well...last night I was up again 4 times coughing my head off. It is awful. Today I have a pounding headache too. Now my sweet Boo is coughing and her nose is all kinds of runny :( Fun stuff.

I have been working on organizing my Boo's room. I bought her the cute storage cubbies Target had on sale. With the little pastel baskets it is SO cute. The pictures are of Boo falling asleep in the baskets while I put the storage unit together with Peanuts help. My son is SO helpful with projects ! It cleaned all her toys up and looks great. I will attach pictures of the finished room soon. I am trying to set her room up in such a way that adding another crib down the road will not be that big a deal. It will be a sweet baby girl room for 2 princesses !! :)

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Alleen said...

blech, sorry you're feeling crummy. Whenever I get sick, I get a HORRIBLE cough that keeps me up at night.

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