Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Black & White babies~

Did you see this? How cool is GOD? A bi-racial couple just had twin boys and one baby is white with blue eyes and his brother is black with dark eyes ! How neat is that?

I took my Bug for some bloodwork and an EKG this morning. Poor thing was having a panic attack in the hospital lobby. She was so scared. She is actually my brave child. Once we got in there though she was better. Who likes being poked ? The tech was a young black woman and I so wanted to ask her about the hair products she uses or doesnt, but I chickened out. I think all the negative stuff I have been reading on a yahoo bd I am a member of is making me self conscience and a bit nervous. I need to find a happier less confronting board to learn from I think...

I have some pictures to post later of Boo in her new duds from Melany a Guat tot mama who is making the cutest clothes. And a sweet pillowcase dress I bought from a mom adopting from Ethiopia. Later gator..

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reaping joy said...

Ok, I didn't get to catch up on every post, but....your girls look so cute in their new outfits. I'm going to get E2 the bow. Summer will be over here in a few weeks so I'll wait till next year for the top, but I do love the dress - I couldn't picture what it would really look like....I agree - those shoes are totally inappropriate for babies!!...I am a little disturbed by the dog whisperer story, also...and - what group are you on? I just got off one for adoption skin/hair care that seems to be very friendly - plus, I can let you know what products I have used. M's hair grew several inches & her hairline filled in a lot in the 5 months we've had her so they must be good.

Just let me know :-)

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