Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Turtle man ? Seriously?

Ok. I admit it I am a HUGE animal lover. I believe in animals rights. I am SOOOOOO ticked over the so called "turtle man" who has a video making the rounds on youtube. I am not linking it :( I saw the clip on Anderson Cooper 360 tonite. This toothless wonder dives into lakes and cruely yanks peaceful turtles out of the water by their feet or tail and SWINGS them around making some stupid hillbilly call! Then THROWS them to the shore!!!!! He then takes them home and eats them. It really is sick. Why isnt he arrested for animal cruelty?Why isnt PETA or ASPCA visiting this jerk? I have rescued SO MANY turtles over the years from the roadways here in Florida. They are peaceful little guys.We fed one fellow an apple just yesterday. I wish I had clicked a picture. Done ranting ;P

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Norah said...

WTF is up with this turtle man asshole? He tortures peaceful creatures and gets praised? What is up with anderson cooper and CNN? This guy should be arrested for animal cruelty, not get his own tv show!

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