Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Migraine & dreams

Look at this beautiful hair :)

What a LONG day. I went to bed with a migraine and after 2 different rx meds and ibuprofen it is finally gone at 9pm. I am exhausted. Few things are worse then being a Mommy and having a really sucky migraine. Try to be happy & patient with screaming/laughing kids when you feel like your eye is going to burst :( Bad mommy.
I had a dream last night about our new daughter. In my dream she was an infant. Tiny. With big eyes. I was in love. I wonder how old our daughter will be? Will she be tiny? Or will she be sitting? Crawling , walking? SO exciting ! I will be thrilled no matter how old she is. I don't feel the ache for certain age. I am leaving it up to GOD. I love that I KNOW the call will not come until at least December (sounds crazy?). No stress worrying all day if or when the call will come & be so sad when it doesn't. I feel for everyone so close to their call. I bet I will be a basket case when we are like #5 or so LOL !! I know I was, waiting for my sweet Boo's referral. Just like waiting to go into labor.
Remember to keep your prayers coming for sweet Abby. Check out my last post for the link. She has started her chemo. Poor baby.

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Debbie said...

She does have beautiful hair. Lili's hair grows quickly, but it still isn't very thick, at least not yet.

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