Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

CNN jerk and waiting~

I just heard the most obnoxious , stupid thing on CNN. They were running a piece interviewing people at a baseball game in Nashville, and asking them which candidate they were voting for. First an old lady~ " I am a lifelong democrat but I am voting for McCain, Obama is a Muslim" OK -no he is christian.

Second guy " I am no redneck southerner (cough cough) but I have never seen a black man with change UNLESS he was holding a cup in his hand" SERIOUSLY ?!!?!?!? This jerk just said that? KNOWING he is on TV???? Holy crap. Are people that stupid??? What an idiot..
I really hope and pray he is the minority. We have to be smarter then that right?

No adoption news. That is the thing , once ALL the paperwork is done and the 171H is in you just settle back ....and wait. I feel for all the people who have recently received referrals of their beautiful children or are SO close to getting that amazing call. Ethiopia closes the court system for part of July ?- September ( I think) and all adoption related cases are on hold. You really want to get thru court before they close. When the court system opens up it will be a bit backed up. The added months of waiting are so hard. Emotionally it can be draining. I talk from experience. We were stuck in PGN in our Guatemala adoption of Boo for 13 weeks. I ACHED for my baby. I wanted her home. I wanted to hold her, and smell her, and kiss her. It hurts. It really does.


Super Mom said...

Boy, I would have expected a bit more professionalism from the editing staff at CNN! Anything for ratings, it seems. We don't have TV, some I'm constantly shocked , and saddened to hear what's going on in the media.

C & R said...

Thank you your comment really helped me!!! I know all this to be true.....I just need to trust in it. Does that make since??? Have a great day

Sig said...

I can't even comment. Stupidity, ignorance, racism. All things I hate.
Hang in there!! (and yes, it does hurt,it really does).

Debbie said...

Unfortunately, the racism you heard on CNN is just some of the racism still alive in this country. We have to educate one person at a time and its unfortunate that CNN allows these comments to be broadcast without providing the education that is so deparately needed.

Ashley said...

Being from TN, I hate that they always seem to find the barfoot, "wife-beater" wearin', toothless, bed-head "homie" to give his/her uneducated take.

I know this is my first comment... but I am following your new journey.

Debbie Wankel said...

The courth in Ethiopia is open until August 5th at least, I know of court cases that day. I know of early October cases too. We don't have a referral yet, so I am hoping we get one and will be one of the early October cases!!


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