Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Catch up

Bug and Bunny all dressed up

Christmas Eve dresses, even a matching one for Bunny!

Handsome big brother and Boo

Hope everyone had a wonderful blessed holiday. Our kiddos were thrilled with their goodies. Boo was really into Santa and her excitement was so fun ! Santa scaled way back this year and we focused more on the meaning of CHRISTmas then gifts, and it was nice. Lots of pictures so I will just get to it :)

Ohhhh what a cheeky monkey!!

Baking cookies for Santa (no Ketsup in recipe : )

Finding Santa's note on the door!

Every year my son spends all of December making pictures
and gifts to leave for Santa. He thinks it is nice to leave something for Santa for all he does for kids (How sweet!) When we leave to go to Nana & Pa-Pops house for Christmas Eve dinner,he leaves it by the door. A few times Santa has left him a thank you note along with the traditional new PJs for Christmas :) You can see the excitement on his face . So sweet! I love the innocent excitement!

Girls in their new pjs Christmas eve
(normally they match but Santa's order was delayed ;p)

Peanut in his new pjs

Bug finding her last present...stay tuned ;)

How late were you up on Christmas eve? We were not as prepared as we should have been. 3am was bedtime for us..


Debbie said...

If you read my Christmas blog post you know that we were pretty much up all night Christmas Eve.

It appears that your family had a wonderful Christmas and next year you'll be celebrating with one more member of your family. How exciting!

Richard Maus said...

What great pics!! I LOVE the matching dresses!! Those are awesome - I hope to do that for Elyssa next year.

Hey, if you need an Amharic/English Dictionary, I have one that we never ended up using :-( I will send it to you, if you need one for your trip. Just let me know.

Glad you had a wonderful holiday. We did, too.

Momma said...

what fun!! those dresses are beautiful!

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